Peak’s Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

Link to Full Letter Peak Group Travel continues to monitor the evolving status of the Covid-19 situation. We are in constant contact with our clients and suppliers regarding closures and cancellations. Additionally, we are keeping up with all CDC and WHO updates and guidelines. One option for each group is to consider postponing your trip…

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8 Steps to Prepare for a Music Trip

If you’re in a high school band or orchestra, sponsored trips to other cities or other countries are easily one of the most exciting experiences of your life thus far.  It’s not often that you are able to experience new places outside your comfort zone, and – just like professional musicians – you are taking…

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School Fundraising: Use These Online Tools

school fundraising

The concept and practice of school fundraising is nothing new. In fact, it is a time-honored tradition. Fundraisers have over the years helped to pay for school items ranging from new books to field trips. Students also love to get involved in anything that will help make their school better since they will most likely…

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Fabulous Music Pieces for High School Level Youth Orchestras

music sheet

Sometimes it’s difficult for music teachers to decide what their students are “up to”, when it comes to choosing music. But you’re a music teacher and you think outside the box.  Everything about your music classes doesn’t revolve around Old School classics.  You want to mix it up a bit.  To do that, turning to…

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Getting Parents Involved In the Music Program

parents with a school boy

A key component of any scholastic program is the support of parents.  Parental involvement is the secret ingredient which builds community, student confidence and the renown of the program. When recruiting for your music program, this is a factor to keep in mind.  Getting parents involved provides you with an army of volunteers who do…

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Getting Your Trip Approved by Your School Board or Committee

blue stamp approved

You’re busily putting your lesson plan in place, as the school year kicks into high gear.  A big part of that is getting your trip approved by your School Board or committee. School Boards can be finicky nowadays, and getting trip approval can be a fearsome task.  But when you approach it fully prepared, with…

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What Is Your Biggest Challenge as a Band Director?

woman conducting

At Peak Performance Tours, we know that being a band director isn’t all the sweet sound of music at school assemblies and community parades.  The role comes with its challenges. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love it.  You wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t.  We also know how tempting it is to…

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Are Some of Your Students Thinking About Majoring In Music?

student thinking

When students start to think about majoring in music, they may not tell anyone immediately.  That’s because modern students have been conditioned to think in terms of choosing majors that stream them into what most consider more traditional vocations. It’s not that music isn’t a traditional vocation.  It’s that it’s viewed with suspicion by parents…

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Recruiting Students for Music Programs

school band and a teacher conducting in the front

You may be reading this because you’re charged with attracting the brightest and best to your music program.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds. When the writer of this post was in school, the band program was considered the “easy way out” by some of my fellows.  But high school music programs can…

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Let Us Plan Your High School Senior Class Trips In 2017

young man drawing big cities' amenities on a glass

Being a high school senior is one of the most exciting experiences of anyone’s life. The final year of high school is a metaphorical bridge between the child who was and the adult who is about to be forged. There’s something almost magical about that last year of school and the gateway that opens onto…

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