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Guide to Planning a Successful Class Field Trip with Peak Performance Tours

Few professionals are as dedicated and hard-working as teachers. As a passionate music education professional, it’s natural to want to provide your students with the highest quality experiences. That means planning memorable, life-changing class field trips that provide performance opportunities they could never experience in the classroom. 

Even talented teachers struggle to find extra time between lesson planning, repertoire selection, private lessons, and supervising extracurriculars. Instead of burning the midnight oil, allow the class trip professionals at Peak Performance Tours to handle the logistics. We’ll focus on coordination, planning, and safety so you can do what you do best: teach.  

We’ve created this guide to help busy music teachers plan the engaging school field trips their students deserve. Continue reading to learn how to plan immersive learning experiences that will genuinely inspire your students.

Selecting a Destination

The first step is choosing the domestic or international destination that meets your group’s academic goals. Do you imagine a culture-filled urban excursion or a remote location ideal for ensemble building? We’ve brought groups to New York City, Disneyland, and even across Europe.

Determining the perfect length of your trip can also help narrow your destinations. Do you envision a packed day trip, a brief weekend or overnight stay, or a school break excursion? 

We’ll help you define your trip’s purpose during your initial consultation. That will help us develop several class trip ideas and hone in on your perfect destination. 

Coordinating Transportation and Accommodations

Arranging transportation can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning field trips for schools. When you work with Peak Performance Tours, we’ll handle every aspect of your travel itinerary. We have a range of quality accommodation partners and will provide you with room lists before your group departs. 

We assign each group a tour manager who will accompany your group on every leg of the journey. That might mean helping your students navigate airport security or simply taking attendance on a charter bus. They will manage your group’s tickets, food, and hotel check-in during the trip. That leaves you free to relax, teach, and enjoy the journey. 

Planning Activities and Educational Experiences

Your Peak Performance guide will help you arrange activities and experiences to enrich your students’ overall experience. Activities will match your group’s interests and meet your academic goals. That might mean planning team-building activities for ensembles or acquiring tickets for performances at famous theatres or symphony halls. 

We can even find opportunities to bring your students behind the scenes at performance venues. We’ve also arranged special events such as meet-and-greets with musicians. If your students perform on the trip, we’ll ensure they play in breathtaking venues with packed audiences. 

Ensuring Student Safety

Peak Performance Tours holds $2 million in general and professional liability insurance. Before your trip, we ensure all suppliers comply with the strictest federal safety standards. We’ll help arrange hotel security and any other accommodations you need to travel safely.

Furthermore, our vigilant trip guides possess superlative knowledge of your destination and will ensure your students stay safe. We’re proud to offer complimentary chaperone packages so you can feel as secure as possible while on the road.

Plan Safe and Simple Class Field Trips with Peak Performance Tours

The process of planning phenomenal class field trips begins with a conversation. Connect with a representative from Peak Performance Tours to discuss your near-limitless options. We look forward to arranging your field trip so you can focus on inspiring your students.

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