Orchestra Trips

Orchestra Trips

Stepping Up Your Student Orchestra Trip

After you have put in all that hard work, all those hours of practice, textbooks, and school recitals can only get you so far. Your students could be ready for so much more. Take your players on the next step towards greatness. Give them the opportunity to experience the thrill of their craft as they explore and perform in front of thousands of people around the world. Here at Peak Performance, we are to devising the perfect customized student orchestra trip for your students.

The Golden Standard of Education Tours

Orchestra Performance Opportunity

Orchestra trips are invaluable to any orchestral student’s musical journey. They provide an experience outside the school auditoriums that they have grown accustomed to and push them out of their comfort zone. They could be given the opportunity to learn firsthand what it’s like to travel to different cities, work different venues, and perform for different crowds.

Think of it as a dry run for their future, a taste of orchestra playing in a professional setting. They’ll stand where some of the greats have stood before and play where they have played. And just because a trip is educational doesn’t mean we don’t make it fun. There are always exciting places to go and interesting things to see and do. Your students will find what we have laid out for them is less a field trip and more and musical vacation.

A Meaningful Journey, Stress-Free

Planning trips take time, effort, and knowledge. Even before the trip begins there are various prerequisites to take care of: paperwork, reservations, fund allocations, and scheduling. As an instructor, you are already responsible for molding so many young minds, training them, and overseeing their rehearsals, on top of managing their extracurriculars.

Anyone in your position could do with a helping hand. We want you to enjoy a meaningful trip with your students, not waste time worrying about logistics. This is why we are going to save you the hassle by taking care of all the details of the orchestra trip from concept to completion.

Every Stage, A World Unto Itself

You can gift your players with the unique opportunity to work in venues that even the most seasoned of pros have their eyes set on. Of course, no two venues are exactly the same. Each one has its own character, its own charm, and its own distinct experience for your students to take with them long after the end of their tour. Our diverse selection of performance venues include

Orchestral Venues

This is the highest point of grandeur for youth orchestras. Premier spaces like concert and symphony halls are the venues made for orchestra players. The memory of a great performance at a place like the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico or the Boston Symphony Hall would set a powerful precedent for the kind of prestige that your players will continue to strive for.

Breathtaking Museums

What better place to perform a beautiful art form than in a place surrounded with some of the most significant pieces of art and culture around the world. Learn about different artworks, cultures, and histories, and then leave your own mark on the place with an unforgettable performance.

Library Performances

These are nice, intimate performance spaces for youth orchestras. Audiences who come in to listen would surely love, to learn something new. Performing at libraries can be a unique experience because the shows are usually free and open to the public. You never know just what demographic will show up, giving you and your student orchestra the chance to wow a different kind of crowd every night.

Music Festivals

What better way to make learning fun than to take part in one of the nationally recognized music festivals? You have the option to join a competitive music festival or a series of non-competitive performance workshops. Or if you really don’t want to choose, you have the option to do both. Either way, your players will be given the chance to interact with other budding musicians from different groups. Together with other musicians, your students can push each other, learn from each other, and share their passion for making music.

Theme Parks

Everybody loves the magic, rides, shows, and especially the place where all this happens. And just when we thought we couldn’t love Universal Studios and Disneyland anymore, they give us more to love. Universal and Disney are dedicated to supporting education and the arts. They offer a host of platforms to give students an avenue to turn their talents into skills and help them reach their full potential.

Universal Stars Hollywood Stars Performance Program is a magnificent opportunity for students to prepare for anything — from public performances where they will delight crowds of Universal guests to understanding sound design where they’ll learn to sync their music to real movie scenes. Disney’s Youth education programs also offer festivals, competitions, and workshops at different levels. Incorporating a mix of education and performance, these programs create the ideal environment for your orchestra to blossom into the great musicians that they could be. The cherry on top? Access to the parks for some well-earned fun.

The Peak Advantage

Here at Peak Performance, we are more than facilitators for your orchestra trip. We know performance and music, and are well acquainted with the vast landscape of the industry. We have spent decades doing business with vendors for some of the most renowned and respected venues around the world, building key relationships in order to provide your students with the best possible opportunities to further their professional careers in music.

Take them to Carnegie Hall, where they can bask in the same spotlight that greats like Duke Ellington and Leonard Bernstein once stood under. Book Lincoln Memorial and let them play where Aretha Franklin and Marian Anderson once captivated people. Maybe you’re interested in scheduling a clinic with a master maestro or even competing in a national championship. With a few clicks from you, we can make all this happen.

The safety of your students and staff is very important to us. Our tour managers are available 24/7 to take care of all the details of all education tours: from transportation, restaurant reservations, theater, and activity-related tickets, as well as coordinating site details for the orchestra performance. We go above and beyond so you can focus on teaching your students and enjoy the experience for yourself. It will be like traveling with your own concierge.

Security guards will be assigned to the hotels for the safety of your students while they sleep, and all participants will be provided with emergency ID cards. Security details will make sure students stay in their rooms, and that other guests outside the group don’t bother them. This way you and your chaperones can go on and have a nice restful sleep.

We don’t pick the destinations and attractions for you; the choices and modifications are all up to you. We’re just here to help you get where you want to go. Having difficulty deciding on a plan? Talk to us. We’ll help you curate the perfect orchestra trip to match your group’s goals and interests.

We also understand that big student trips come with challenges with regards to raising funds, so we negotiate reasonable payment schedules to meet the requirements of both students and vendors and suppliers alike.

In case you want to see a more concrete example of our services before contacting us, here’s a trip we had previously arranged for a young string orchestra group of twenty-one players between the ages of 18 and 21.

Exclusive Connections

What Are You Waiting For?

You have laid down the foundation. Now let us help you open the doors. Your student orchestra is ready. You have taught them well. They have put in the work. They are itching for their turn on the big stage. Grab hold of this amazing opportunity while they’re still young and take them on the next level of their musical journey. Our customizable travel packages will surely delight you and the orchestra, whether you’re in it to learn, enjoy, or simply open yourselves to the bigger world of musical performance.


First, the group went to McGill University to join the local varsity student players in a day-long collaborative workshop which culminated in a final joint performance by all of the participants. The students made new friends and bonded over their experiences training with their respective troupes. By the end of the activities, they exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch. The next day, they visited the Place des Arts to give a matinee performance at the concert hall which was followed by a guided tour of the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal located in the same complex. Finally, the students were given the remaining time off to roam the large underground city mall surrounding the complex.

On the final day of the tour, they had one more stop at Mont Royal Park for one last team-building activity, a short hike up Mount Royal, followed by a picnic beside Beaver Lake before preparing to head home.By the end of the trip, the orchestra members had expanded their networks and were more close-knit than ever. Fulfilled and eager, they were ready to take on whatever upcoming competitions were coming their way.