Dance Tours

Dance Tours

Making Every Beat Count

Give your dance students the spotlight they deserve. Dancers are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to bust their moves outside the practice room. It’s your chance to show them what a real dance-venture looks like. With Peak Performance, you can hit two birds with one stone: create the trip of a lifetime while making them the stars of their own musical production.

Different dance troupes, same goal. Whether you’re travelling with a contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, or ballet group, our focus remains the same: to set the stage for their moves and give their careers a chance to step-up.

The Benefits of Global Dance Tours

“Sometimes all it takes to transform your students from dance proteges to broadway-staples is the one trip that will introduce them to the glamorous life of professional performance. Making an impact on their life can be as easy as booking a dance tour with us. A chance to explore vibrant dance cultures of their own. The opportunity to meet and greet dance students from all walks of life. A chance to kickstart a lifelong passion for dance and the performing arts. All these and more can be achieved, one dance tour at a time”.

Empowered By The Performing Arts

Live Dance Performance
Trips for Dance Troupes

Local and International Competitions

Challenge your students on a whole new level. Competitions, both local and international, are a great way to reignite your students’ competitive spirit and push them to be their best selves. Seeing how other dance professionals wow the crowd can teach them a thing or two about performance.

Preparing for a competition serves as a motivation for them to train harder. Dancing in front of a different crowd for the very first time and wowing a group of esteemed judges are more than enough reasons for your team to put all hands on deck to create their best routine yet. Whatever prizes they win is just a cherry on top of their renewed work ethic, newly found self-confidence, and passion.

Performance Education

Various performance arts programs are yours for the taking. Let your students thrive in iconic performance halls, museums, and libraries around the world. Give them a spot in a magical number in Disney’s Magic Music Days or the Universal “Stars” program.

Peak Performance combines fun and education in just one tour. With different destinations to choose from, you can curate a trip that combines training and bonding in just one day. Take a three-day trip and give your hard-working dancers the break they need. We’ll deliver the perfect dance trip, whatever your goals are for your dance troupe.

Clinics and Workshops

Nothing is more exciting than setting foot in a master’s dance studio. Training with other choreographers can help further their dance education and refine what they already know so they can dazzle every crowd they perform for.

Book elusive classes with the world’s best choreographers by working with Peak Performance. Whether you want your students to learn under contemporary masters from prestigious ballet schools in New York or jam with iconic show girls in the most powerful entertainment houses, this tour is designed to give their skill a boost.

The Dance Event Of The Season

Professional dancing is a competitive scene. Booking a tour can give your students the exposure they need to get ahead of their peers. Launching their career is as easy as booking a dance event with. Reward, challenge, and entertain your students with just one amazing dance tour.