Music Travel

Music Travel

The Final Component To Music Education

Delivering music trips that deserve a standing ovationLearning how to hit all the right notes is key in music mastery. However, technical skill isn’t the only thing that turns a student of music into a certified virtuoso. Performance rests at the core of any musical career, and it is crucial for any aspiring instrumentalist to learn how to command a crowd.

Think back to the best musical performances you have ever witnessed; the best play, concerto, or music festival you have ever attended. Why were they particularly memorable compared to others you had seen before? Is it because they had better instruments? Is it because they had a dramatic flair? Is it because the music’s performance was well-orchestrated?

Pushing The Boundaries of Music Travel

Go Beyond Textbook Education

As musical directors, you have various options to enrich your music travel program: enlist your students in an awesome parade or simply take them on a unique learning experience with a world-renowned musician. Peak Performance gives you the opportunity to create a well-rounded musical performance that will bolster anything they learn in the academy.

Take your students out of the studio and into the real world. An unlimited number of musical recitals is no match to performing live to a crowd for the very first time. Music travel can either be performative or educational in nature.

More Than Just Skill

The ability to engage a crowd and captivate them is a much better trait than sheer instrumental proficiency. Technical skill can only take your students so far. Having the experience of wowing a festival crowd or being a part of a massive Thanksgiving parade will help develop skills that aren’t learned in the classroom.Performance trips are a fantastic way to develop a sense of professionalism in your students. Here they will learn how to socialize with other performers and impress under pressure. It’s never too early to have your students join the big leagues.

The Benefits Of Musical Travel

The Benefits Of Musical Travel

On top of hands-on student training, musical directors are often responsible for booking band trips, choir trips, and other musical performances within the country and around the world. But it’s not always easy. As a band director, you have most likely experienced at least one of the following:

Peak Performance is here to ease some stress off your shoulders and deliver music travel solutions that are fine-tuned for your students. Experience a hassle-free alternative to educational performing.

How Students Can Benefit From Music Travel

Playing for their peers can make your students complacent. So what better way to encourage your students to play their hearts out than by giving them a tough crowd? Music travel serves as a great incentive to your proteges. Giving them a taste of world-class performance will make them want to step up their music skill.

What We Offer

Set up their path to greatness, one tour at a time.

Performance Travel

Participating in a parade is every band’s dream, so why not make it a reality? From music festivals to performances in top-class music sites like Carnegie Hall, we are here to bring your musical team closer to world audiences.

Educational Travel

Advance your student’s musical education by taking what they have learned from the classroom into the real world with music travel. Explore monumental sites, both international and local, and gain an intimate understanding of the music industry in person.

Music Workshops

Diversify their training by introducing them to well-known mentors and coaches from different parts of the globe. Music travel experiences such as music workshops and clinics help them refine their technique as they interact with different teachers and gain varying insights from their new instructors.

Music Festival Participation

Performing for a lively crowd of music festival goers should be on every musical director’s bucket list. Music festivals make a perfect venue for both beginners and novices. It’s a great way to get your student’s names out in the open, without the pressure that comes with performing in more traditional venues.

Contests and Tournaments

Don’t let your student’s talents be hidden away in the studio. Participating in musical contests and tournaments ensure that they earn recognition early on in their careers. Music travel with contests and tournaments is fundamental in their evolution from amateurs to vetted professionals. These also make great alternatives to the usual recitals.

Marching Band Parades

Give your marching band the audience they deserve. With Peak Performance, you can have access to audiences of thousands through live performances and international television. From Disney’s street parades to St. Patrick’s Day parades in Ireland to the ever famous Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, you have endless local and international music travel options for unforgettable marching band parades.

Dance Travel Tours

Broadway isn’t the only top music travel destination for aspiring dancers. Your students can live a night of magic by joining Disney’s world-class ensemble or traveling some states for a live performance. Getting your students signed to the right management team, troupe, and ensemble can be one click away.


The Peak Advantage: Bringing Music Trips To New Heights, Together

Working in the performing arts is no easy feat. Handling everything from training to administrative tasks can take a toll on your performance. Don’t let burnout put a damper on your efficiency. Focus on preparing your troupe, band, choir, or orchestra for the center-stage, and let us handle the rest.

The best music travel tours booked by music experts, for music experts.

Each and every music trip we book is fine-tuned to the best interests of our clients. That means you get all your money’s worth, without any of the stress. A life-changing trip experience is one click away.

Take Your Students To A Whole New Level

International Locations Extensive and Exclusive Network

Years of booking music travel tours for local groups and high-profile ensembles means that we have an extensive and exclusive access to a network of professionals, event organizers, and mentors who can give your students a significant advantage over their peers.

International Acclaim

Peak Performance is internationally recognized for representing top-notch musical proteges. This makes it easier for us to score exclusive festival applications, book world-renowned mentors, and get you a spot in coveted music venues.

Proactive and Productive

We don’t just book tickets; we create experiences. Having in-house creatives and musical directors make it easy for us to give you expert advice on everything you need to make your music travel a success. From itinerary to budget to location, we deliver traveling solutions that would be best for your students, budget, and goals.

Genre-Specific Music Trip

Our deep knowledge of music translates to our ability to create music travel experiences that are best suited for your proteges. Each experience is informed by the smallest nuances in composition, skill level, and musical background and culture. In the end, these come together and create a memorable music travel opportunity that has been tailored just for you.

All-Inclusive Travel Packages

Have the peace of mind knowing that everything has already been taken care of. As a musical director, we understand how difficult it is to simultaneously train your students and give them once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. With Peak Performance, you gain a partner who not only understands what you’re going through but also works tirelessly to provide the best music travel tours for you and your students.

Different Kinds Of Musical Travel

Different band genres have different needs. Every location and activity is curated specifically for you. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter music trip. This means that your jazz, classical, concert, or marching band will have everything they need to have a solid educational foundation. Turn your hardworking band into an overnight sensation with just one click.

Completing an outstanding live music performance is one of the hallmarks of being a great orchestra. Level up their experience by allowing them to perform before a great crowd, in a major music venue like Carnegie Hall. From musical festivals to Disney theme parks, Peak Performance sees to it that your students get the spotlight they deserve.

Earning one’s mark as a professional dancer is one of the more challenging tasks in the performing arts. Musical travel tours are available for contemporary, ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, and other dance troupes specializing in unique genres.

For a night, let your students experience the magic of becoming a part of the world-famous Disney group. Instead of spending the night as amazed spectators, put the spotlight on your band, dance troupe, or choir, and give them the music trip opportunity of a lifetime. It will be an experience they will never forget.

Where To Next?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about possible music travel destinations. Plan your music trip around a certain city or festival. Whether you have your sights set on a Disney park or you’re not sure which competition to participate in, Peak Performance is here to help make the little decisions that make a music trip great.

The World Is Your Stage

Asking yourself where you want to take your proteges is one of the best ways to start planning an itinerary for an educational music trip. Don’t let spaces confine their talent. With Peak Performance, you can choose local and international music travel destinations that will bring out the best in your musical stars.