Why Peak

Why Peak?

Unique and Memorable Trips

At Peak Performance Tours we strive to create unique and memorable trips and tours for your students. We believe that all of their hard works deserves to be recognized and rewarded.  Whether it is hands on workshops, performance opportunities, scavenger hunts, role playing activities, or onsite guided tours, we make student group travel interesting and fun.  We can even plan trips to popular theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios.

All of our tours include the following:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Tour Manager to make the trip run smoothly
  • Dedicated hotel security overnight
  • Entertainment, Tours and workshops
  • Complimentary packages for staff
  • Individual Student Billing Available upon request
  • And much more!

Beyond providing all the facets of your trip, our Peak Advantage gives you a little edge over our competitors that saves you a lot of the money and effort.

From concept to completion, experience the exceptional customer service as we design the perfect customized tour for your students.