Choir Tours


Achieving Perfect Harmony

Choir leaders know choir members sing best when they are in touch with each other.

What better way to sync up your team than by taking them on a meaningful choir tour? Such opportunities to form bonds outside the practice room help your choir form friendships within their group. This ensures that your choir functions as a single unit. As a unit, your choir will find it easier to win competitions and wow crowds wherever they go.

Peak Performance is the first stop to your premier choir music trip destination. With tons of locations and adventures to choose from, creating a boring choir tour is out of the question. The travel opportunity of a lifetime awaits your choir.

Going Above and Beyond With Peak Performance Tours

Dreams don’t come true overnight. But booking a choir tour with us lets you take your students one step closer to that dream. Performing in the same location, for the same crowd can only do so much for your students. Step outside the box and give your hard-working crew an experience of a lifetime.

Use this choir field trip to teach your choir things that can’t be learned inside the classroom. Some of the cornerstone experiences your group is sure to experience on our choir performance tours include:

  • Learning how to act professionally around other performers,
  • Sharing insights with their peers,
  • Understanding different musical cultures on a first-hand basis,
  • And more.

Picturesque Destinations

Sightseeing meets performance in this spectacular travel package. Set foot in any major music destination of your choosing with a well planned choir field trip. Pick anything from scenic outdoor venues, awe-inspiring cathedrals, to majestic basilicas.

Imagine the look on your students’ faces when you tell them they are singing in an important place. Whether in the beautiful country of Bristol or the serene St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, your students are sure to be awed.

With dozens of local and international destinations to choose from, you can easily make this dream tour come true. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll pick an appropriate venue for your students’ performance.

"Your students have spent years cultivating their skill and coordination. Now is the time to reward all their hard work."

Different Choir Types

Years of flying choirs and choruses in and around the country means we are prepared for anything that your choir needs. Part of what makes Peak Performance the premier choice for choir tours is our decades-worth of experience. These insights give us an intimate understanding of the nuances that make each choir special. Our job is to masterfully curate a choir music trip where the destination, venue, and repertoire embody your choir perfectly.

Why Peak Performance for Choir Tours

Peak Performance has worked with choirs with trips around North American and international destinations since 1994. With nearly 30 years of experience under our belt, we have seen it all. We understand everything it takes to turn a hopeful idea into an actual, full-scale choir tour. There might be no better company in the country to do it.

Our method of turning choir tour dreams into realities consist of several crucial steps. This allows us to account for every detail and possible circumstance. We take into consideration everything from:

  • The individual needs of the students
  • The possible alternatives along every step of the way
  • Budget constraints and special needs
  • Dates, times, schedules, and keeping everything on track
  • The biggest and most rewarding audiences possible for your chosen parameters
  • Customized needs

Some More Special Features 

  • Hotels, meals, transportation, and more
  • Suppliers, deadlines, and getting the most flexibility possible
  • Pre-tour educational material, activity brochures, packing ideas
  • Security preparations and procedures
  • Special events, sightseeing opportunities, balancing fun and responsibilities
  • Preparation for any adverse weather conditions or other possible unexpected events

With Peak Performance, you are guaranteed an experience that is absolutely complete and thought out. Let us make the most of our skill and expertise to give you and your choir the memories of a lifetime.

Why Choir Tours Matter

Performance Opportunity

You might have plenty of opportunities to sing and perform in your town, city, or general area. But there’s a huge difference between performing for an audience you grew up with, and performing in front of complete strangers. Taking a choir out of its familiar church or amphitheater and dropping them in a new city, state, or country can be huge. This dynamic is enough to bring back the “Wow!” that got them into performing in the first place. Give your kids the chance to impress at a level they might have never before experienced.

Choir performance tours offer a perfect blend of unmatched performance opportunities and curated travel experience. Creative minds are sure to be inspired by new destinations and cultures. And those who crave the limelight will relish the chance to perform in front of attentive audiences. The benefits of choir group travel are truly boundless.

Music Travel Experience

What better way to understand the world than by going out and actually seeing it? Traveling is one of the best learning experiences a young person can undergo. This is especially true when it means diving into a city or culture completely alien to their background.

Many children and young adults don’t have the opportunity to leave home until college or university. And for some, this opportunity may not come even until after they graduate! Giving your choir the experience to step beyond their small bubble and step into something else entirely can widen their horizons. This can shape their perspective into something completely new.

Band Tour Motivation and Inspiration

For some, singing the same old songs for the same old audience can get boring and tiresome. Thus, choir practice can seem more like a responsibility and a chore than something they actually want to do. In cases like this, a choir tour is exactly what your kids need. They can revitalize that passion and excitement they once had.

Meeting and singing with different choirs from around the country can introduce a choir to other kids who are unique. And performing alongside choirs from around the world exposes your group to new cultures and points of view.

Further, exposure to more talented or more passionate performers can be an inflection point. With this critical experience, young people can find the motivation and inspiration to work harder and better themselves.

Choir Travel Early Exposure

It’s easy to think that you’ve seen and done it all. This is especially true for people at a young age. But by giving your choir early exposure to what else is out there, you can jumpstart something in them. This is an experience that no amount of classroom experience could ever do.

Many young adults wish they had discovered their passion and their drive at an earlier age. Further, many regret the years they spent on other things. With early exposure from a thorough choir tour, you can help kids discover who they actually are. This helps them prepare for the life they want to live.

Recipe To A Perfect Choir Tour

The old saying is as true for choir trips as it is for anything else: location, location, location. Knowing where you want to go is the first step towards planning the perfect choir tour.

Whether you just want to go out-of-state or want to travel further afield, choosing the right location is critical. It can define your tour. Everything from the vibe to the theme of your choir tour needs to align. You need to choose a location that best works for your choir. Choose something that will excite and educate at the same time. You also need to consider the time of the year and your duration. With these decisions, you can determine whether your needs fit your preferred location.


Are you and your choir willing to pay big bucks to have the ultimate experience of a lifetime? Or do you want to squeeze out every dollar for a budget but memorable trip? At Peak Performance, we’ve prepared choir tours from the most affordable to the most expensive. We are experts at giving your choir an experience that will make every dollar worth it.

Decide on your budget with your choir, and find a price range that is comfortable for everyone. If you aren’t sure what you can do with your budget, just talk to us. We promise: we’ll surprise you.


What choir tour is complete with a consideration for the showmanship of it all?

Ask yourself: what kind of choir do you have? Are you international champions just waiting to prove yourselves? Are you first-timers, happy to be a part of the crowd? Or are you somewhere in between “competitive” and “novice”? The answers can determine your plan type.

We will adjust your itinerary and plans depending on the required showmanship of your choir. We’ll also consider what you need to get the most out of your trip. Whether you’re vying for the top spots or are just here for the experience, work with us. We’ll pair you up with the competitions and destinations that fit your choir.

What We Offer

Choir Festivals 

Choir festivals happen all over the country and around the world. These are the best events to attend for budding young choir singers who want a taste of the professional choir life. Even better, these experiences can be mixed with a variety of cultures and communities.

These local events bring together singers and choirs from all walks of life. They are amazing when it comes to opening young eyes and broadening new horizons. With choir festivals being held all throughout the year, you can find your choir attending a new event every month.

These special events are hosted in countless domestic and international locations, so pick your favorite and get your choir in tune.

Choir and Marching Band Competitions

If your choir is looking to square up against the best of the best, choir competitions are exactly what you need. Competitiveness in the choir world is growing every year. Choir competitions gaining more attention and respect from choirs and audiences alike.

Whether it’s your first time or 50th time to be part of a competition, opportunity abounds. Give your choir that one-of-a-kind experience of battling it out with other choirs around the world. Give them another reason to perform better than ever before, raising their own standards across the board. New friends and “frienemies” are just around the corner at your next choir competition.

Raise The Standard For Your Next Choir Tour

We at Peak Performance have worked with countless choirs over the last three decades. If there’s one thing we understand, it’s this: every choir is different. This is why we don’t offer pre-packaged plans that anyone can choose from.

Instead, we are here to help you plan the trip that is specifically custom-made and tailored for your choir. We believe that to plan the perfect trip, every variable must be considered. The size of your choir and the average age of your singers can force many decisions on you. Plus, your preferred destinations and your budget range will determine what you can and can’t achieve.

We will custom-fit every part of your trip to give your choir the best possible experience.

Perhaps the most stressful part of planning a trip is dealing with all the little details. This is especially true for ones that involve multiple destinations, modes of transportations, hotels, and dozens of activities.

Hotels and transportation can be daunting. But there is also food, attraction tickets, and more to arrange. All of these bills and checks can leave even the best accountant with the biggest headache. And so much so that you don’t even want to bother planning a tour at all.

With Peak Performance, we can roll everything up in a single, itemized payment for you. That’s right — we will handle all the legwork, and you can handle all the fun.

Whoever said that a choir tour can’t have awesome, breathtaking destinations? One guarantee with every Peak Performance choir tour is a variety of awesome landmarks and historical sites. Your choir singers will be squealing to take a selfie no matter where they land.

We can pepper landmarks and venues that everyone in your choir would love to see all throughout your trip.

Consider family-friendly destinations like Disney World. Or plan a trip around major cities like New York or San Francisco. You could even layer in some intellectual inspiration with the world’s greatest art and musical history destinations. There are countless trip locales to pursue.

No two Peak Performance trips are alike, and no single Peak Performance trip is a disappointment. That’s because we cover all our tracks and seek out every possible option. Simply put, our team at Peak Performance knows our stuff.

With nearly 30 years of experience designing and planning choir music tours under our belt, we’ve seen it all and done it all. But we know that there’s always more to be done and seen every year. That’s why we do the research to figure out every option, and give you only the best of the best. Your Peak Performance tour options will be made of only the top options out there.

Your Partner Choir Tour Partner: Plan Your Tour Today!

We don’t just book choir music tours; we make sure it’s great from start to finish. Peak Performance understands that a choir tour is vital to the growth and education of a teenager or young adult. The last thing we would want to do is disappoint at such a critical moment.

Contact us now and begin planning your next choir tour today!