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At Peak Performance Tours we strive to create unique and memorable trips and tours for your students. We believe that all of their hard works deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Whether it is hands on workshops, performance opportunities, scavenger hunts, role playing activities, or onsite guided tours, we make student group travel interesting and fun. We can even plan trips to popular theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios.

Peak Performance Tours creates some of the most innovative and creative music performance tours for their band, choir, orchestra, handbell and dance clients. Whether you want a performance opportunity, a clinic/workshop with a professional musician or to participate in a national or regional competition, we will exceeds your tour expectations.

Beyond providing all the facets of your trip, our Peak Advantage gives you a little edge over our competitors that saves you a lot of the money and effort.

Educational tours often get a bad rap for being “boring” but at Peak Performance Tours, it is our specialty to turn these trips into once-in-a-lifetime experiences for participants. With nearly two decades in the travel-planning industry.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into being a successful choir, band, or orchestra. Reward your group for all of their hard work with a fun and educational music tour that will give them unmatched performance experiences.

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A stage, a spotlight and your hardworking band students, ready to set the audience on fire. This is what it’s all about for music teachers and the kids they teach.

“ Blood, sweat and tears has brought you to the moment when your students present what they’ve learned in a public performance... thrill of performing is even sweeter. “

Educational Tours

Students always love a good field trip, even more so if it means getting out of the classroom and traveling to a new place for a few days of fun and learning in a different atmosphere. Class trips are a great way to build camaraderie amongst your students, and to give them hands on learning they are likely to never forget. Reward their hard work with a trip that brings education to life, or just a bit of well-deserved fun.

Music Travel

Disney Performing Arts offers an array of high quality performance opportunities in both Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California. These performance opportunities provide a unique experience to your students. Whether you conduct a choir or band, or even lead a dance or cheer troupe, Disney Performing Arts has a program to enhance their career. Peak Performance Tours can provide a tour package including any combination of their programs.


Since its inception in 1994 Peak Performance Tours has been helping to plan everything from choir tours, music tours, student travel adventures and senior trips in destinations across North America and internationally. Peak Performance Tours will assist the clients of choir travel through every stage of the planning from beginning to end and will develop a program based on the needs of the members.

Music Travel

Your diligent orchestra students have worked hard and now, they’re ready to blow the audience away – wherever that audience may be.

It’s the moment teachers dream of. As the house lights go down and the chandelier is raised to the rafters, the stage lights illuminate faces ignited with anticipation.


There are a multitude of great Parade opportunities throughout the United States and Europe. Give your students the opportunity to be seen by thousands of people, as well as being televised nationwide.

Educational Tours

Senior year is an exciting time for students. After a lot of hard work, seniors are often more than ready to move onto the next steps in their education or careers. It can also be emotional for teachers and other school staff as they get ready to say goodbye to students they have spent the last four years getting to know and helping to nurture. A senior class trip can be a great opportunity for students and teachers alike to connect one last time before graduation.

Performance Travel

At Peak Performance Tours, we understand how busy your schedule is teaching your students, choreographing dances, preparing for recitals, and all the other activities that come with teaching dance. That is why it is our goal to make your life easier when it comes to your dance tour planning.


tour anywhere you want to go

Peak Performance Tours will create a tour anywhere you want to go. Give us a location, date and budget and we will create a proposal for your organization. Whether you want a class trip, music performance tour, historic tour, college tour, or just a fun trip, we will exceed your expectations.



“ Peak Performance was recommended by colleagues from across the area, and the accolades were justified. It was our first trip in many years and Peak made the trip smooth, educational and memorable. All of the details were thought out and well executed. ”

Brad Ford, Band Director
William Penn Charter School,
Philadelphia, PA

“ Peak is an incredible company to do business with. They are extremely flexible and knowledgeable about each location I want to travel to. As a young director it is a great feeling and a big stress relief to know your trip is always going to be in good hands with Peak planning it! ”

Brian Cox, Band Director
Central Bucks South High School,
Warrington, PA