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The Benefits of Planning a Class Trip for Students and How to Make It Happen

Every student remembers their first field trip day. A well-planned field trip can offer countless long-term memories. The Museum journal Curator notes that 96% of subjects surveyed remembered specifics about a school field trip long after it was over.

However, planning memorable class field trips can also be stressful. It is not as simple as piling your students onto a bus and deciding where to go on a whim.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of well-planned class trip ideas. We will also discuss how to plan a class trip the right way. This will ensure a maximum learning benefit for your students.

Breaking Out of the Routine

There is a pace to day-to-day school life for your students that can get quite rote. Each and every day, students come to understand the where and when of their school life. And with this expectation comes taking their experiences for granted.

Class field trips for middle school and high school students offer a great opportunity to change the script. They also show your students a different way of carrying through the day.

Pushing Boundaries

Many of your students may find comfort in the routine offered by school. But routines may not always be a good thing. The Conversation says that routines deprive children of using their creativity to explore and overcome new challenges.

School field trips are a great means of offering new challenges in a safe environment. Learning opportunities can be built right into the experience. More than anything, planning a class trip should be about finding a way to inspire students.

Bonding Experiences

Your students are likely to form unique bonds when out of the rigor and competition of the classroom as well. Field trips for schools mean a chance to learn without the pressure of performance. Students can feel empowered to open their minds and show their peers how they can connect with new concepts, non-performatively.

Planning a Class Trip the Right Way

Not all school field trips are created equal. A simple visit to a water park or the movies might be great for peer bonding. But these experiences offer little-to-no educational value.

Don’t simply go where your students want to go or throw darts at a dartboard. First, consider putting together a goal sheet or vision board. This will help you identify things like:

  • Educational Goals
  • Staff needed
  • Logistics
  • Budget

With all of this down on paper, you can then begin to whittle down your list. Fewer potentials means you can focus your energy on selecting the right destination.

Common field trip ideas may include:

  • Art museums
  • TV stations
  • Historical sites
  • Botanical gardens
  • Guided tour opportunities in a nearby city
  • And more

Partner with the Best in Field Trips for Schools

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Our tours are educational, impactful, and, most importantly, aligned with educators’ needs. Contact Peak Performance Tours to learn more about how to plan a class trip the best way.

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