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5 Senior Trip Package Ideas for Graduating High School Students

Your graduating seniors deserve one last hurrah before crossing the stage, receiving their diploma, and venturing out into the world. After all, what is a senior trip but a chance for the graduating class to form one final memory together?

Here are five high school senior trip packages to consider planning for your graduating class to take. Plan these for the end of their senior year and your students will look back with a smile.

1. An Urban Hotspot

There is likely a fairly big city within driving distance of your school. But ask your students where they want to go. They will likely say they want to see the country’s largest cities for themselves.

Plan a trip to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C. You will offer your graduating seniors a chance to see more distant parts of their country. This is sure to offer a new perspective and get them in the right mindset before they head off to college and beyond.

2. An International Destination

There’s nothing wrong with staying domestic. But the world is waiting, and a grad trip is a wonderful opportunity to show your students the world.

Consider a world-class destination city like Tokyo or Paris. Or even consider a further-flung destination like South Africa, Turkey, or New Zealand. The long flight will be challenging (especially for those students who have never traveled before). But the bonding opportunities and chance to experience new cultures firsthand are second to none.

3. An Art or History Hotspot

If you want one last chance for an educational moment, plan your senior trip around a lesson accordingly. Prioritize history, culture, sociology, or more and consider a historic site like:

  • The lost city of Petra
  • The architectural wonder of Barcelona
  • The steps of Machu Picchu

There’s lots more to consider. The more historic the destination, the greater the chance for a lesson to be threaded into the experience.

4. Major Sporting Events

The best senior trips don’t always need to be touristy! Spring is a great season to align your senior field trips with a renowned sporting event.

Consider just a few of the annual events that happen each spring:

Sporting may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But a ticketed event is a great way of adding some structure to senior trip locations.

5. The Beach

This is an obvious one, but sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason. However, you should level up your student road trip beyond a simple public beach.

There are many private, semi-private, and ticketed beaches in the U.S. and beyond that simply require a little pre-planning. Gift your students with senior trip locations at beaches that rise above the rest and let the bonding unfold.

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