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Behind the Scenes: What Goes into Planning a Marching Band Trip?

Your students are looking to you to craft a memorable and transformative school marching band experience for them. And this includes any high school band trips you arrange.

But what makes a marching band trip truly special? Are you looking for band trip ideas? There are lots of considerations to turn your next band group travel experience from slapdash into a thoughtfully crafted experience.

It’s All About the Destination

You might be tempted to simply bring your students to the closest venue and call it a day. After all, planning everything from travel to accommodations can be a lot to take on and local travel makes things easier.

But what’s the point of considering high school band trips if the destination is taken for granted? Avoid the path of least resistance’s trap. Do your research and generate a list of destinations that are going to offer the most educational value.

There are countless international venues that can open the world of music performance to your students. Even locations slightly closer to home, such as Disney parks or state and county fairs, have dedicated marching band subcultures.

For a more inclusive experience, share your destination possibilities with your band and host a vote on your band trip destination.

Keep the Budget Tight

Most band directors and music educators have already learned the art of doing more with less, when money is concerned. But school band trips are inherently more expensive than everyday classroom experiences. To ensure your students get the best trip possible, it’s highly recommended to spend on experiences that are worth it. Scrimp where your students are least likely to notice.

You can likely forgo any fantasies you might have about five star hotels or chartered transportation. Run-of-the-mill hotel rooms and coach seats are perfectly appropriate for your band trip.

On the inverse, consider your students’ educational experiences must-have expenses. Group tours, access to recording or performing venues, and live performance opportunities are going to be worth their weight in gold. These are the ones to budget for.

Plan Your Packing List

Each student should carry their own instrument. But there is much more to be brought on your band trip than just bodies and brass. Take stock of everything your school band uses at local marches. Each of these items will need to be packed and checked.

This could include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Uniforms and hats
  • Sheet music
  • Banners
  • Feather flags
  • Water bottles

Ensure nothing gets left behind. Take a full inventory of everything your school band needs to perform at their best.

Partner with a Trusted Travel Planner

Relying on yourself to sort out all of the logistical details is a surefire way to burn out or miss something. Instead, consider using a music excursion planner who understands the needs of a marching band on the road.

At Peak Performance Tours, we offer planned performance trips for marching bands, school bands, choirs, and more. And this includes both international and domestic destinations. Contact Peak Performance Tours to learn more.

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