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Band Trip Ideas for Your Next Performance Tour

Thinking about arranging your next school band trip, but you don’t know where to start? We’ve arranged a number of sources of inspiration. Explore our band trip ideas below to get your creativity flowing.


What better way to inspire your young performers than to offer an opportunity to compete against other talented musicians? Regional competitions, national competitions, and more run regularly. These have opportunities for young musicians to ascend to the next level of their musician ability. Take your school band on the competition circuit and you’ll be sure to inspire them with a chance for glory.


Follow in the footsteps of some of the greats, like the University of Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish. Send your marching band to a music festival where they can really make an impact. Consider both rural and urban events for maximum impact on your marching band trips.

If you’re willing to travel, county fairs, cultural events, street festivals, and more await your school marching band. As an added benefit, there is almost always a festival happening somewhere.

The Performing Arts Program at Disney

The Magical Kingdom is imbued with music from corner to corner. A band trip to Disney World or Disneyland offers a wealth of performance opportunities for young musicians. This includes regular parades and stage performances.

Disney parks attract a diverse group of visitors each and every day. Because of this, bands can expect full crowds of attentive music lovers for each performance.

Trips Abroad

Sometimes, it takes a step outside of one’s comfort zone to inspire the musician within. Whether it’s a short trip to Europe or a cross-globe trek to Asia, inspiration can be found anywhere. Students stand to see a whole new world when traveling abroad for a school band trip.

Imagine experiencing the great concert venues of old in historic London or performing at a festival outside of Seoul, South Korea. The possibilities for inspiration are nearly endless. And a school band field trip abroad is sure to be something your students remember for a lifetime.

As a bonus, marching bands are not exclusively “American.” So sharing a marching band performance with an international audience opens up the possibility of sharing a slice of American culture.

Peak Performance Tours regularly organizes high school band trips for a variety of school bands. From small ventures to involved itineraries, we are ready to work with music educators and band directors like you. Arrange the perfect band trip — contact Peak Performance Tours today.

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