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Getting Your Trip Approved by Your School Board or Committee

You’re busily putting your lesson plan in place, as the school year kicks into high gear.  A big part of that is getting your trip approved by your School Board or committee.

School Boards can be finicky nowadays, and getting trip approval can be a fearsome task.  But when you approach it fully prepared, with total confidence in your educator vision and the singular value of the trip to students, you’re already halfway there.

Getting ready.

Teachers know all about the value of preparation.  But when it comes to gaining approval for a trip, preparation can mean the difference between “yes” and “no”.  While regulations certainly vary from Board to Board and committee to committee, there are some universal requirements you need to recognize, while preparing to plead your case.

One of the most important requirements is elucidating how your trip meets the requirements of the School District’s curriculum and serves the educational goals it represents.  This calls for razor sharp clarity from teachers.

Ensuring that you describe how your trip satisfies curricular imperatives is rooted in your efforts to craft a pitch that makes this factor crystal clear and irrefutable.

Organize thoroughly documented information about your tour vendor, a budget per student, information about insurance and security and a well-defined itinerary.  These are the building blocks of getting your trip approved.

A reputable Operator.

School Boards and committees need to know that you’re working with a licensed, well-known tour operator, with an irreproachable delivery record.

Your operator’s reputation is crucial.  You need to make it abundantly clear that you’re working with an accredited, licensed vendor with well-defined standards.  The status of licensing and insurance, as well as security protocols applied by your vendor are important to School District governance, as School Boards and committees answer to parents.

It’s also helpful to show that your operator administers in-trust accounts to protect student deposits and payments and to provide a copy of their licensing.

Providing this information inspires confidence in the professionalism of the tour company you use and shows administrators that you’ve anticipated some of their most pressing concerns.

Confident in your mission.

It’s important to remember that you’re presenting the case for your trip to fellow educational professionals who have the students’ best interests in mind.  You play for the same team, so your job is to demonstrate value.

With all relevant information organized into a presentation folder, you’ll present to your School Board or committee completely confident in your mission.

Provide every member you’ll be pitching to with a package which outlines the goals and purpose of your trip.  Be sure to include the credentials of your vendor, as part of a presentation that covers all relevant concerns.  Your colleagues will appreciate your due diligence.

Trip approved!

Getting your trip approved by your School Board or committee requires preparation and confidence.  It’s hard to say “no” to someone who’s got all their ducks in a row.

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