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Getting Parents Involved In the Music Program

A key component of any scholastic program is the support of parents.  Parental involvement is the secret ingredient which builds community, student confidence and the renown of the program.

When recruiting for your music program, this is a factor to keep in mind.  Getting parents involved provides you with an army of volunteers who do a lot more than keep the band watered up.  These people can be part of every performance, supporting prop production, raising funds and spreading the word about your students’ public performances.

Reaching out.

Getting parents involved in the music program depends on creative outreach on the part of teachers.  The school newsletter is received by all parents and read by most.  This is a crucial prong in your parental recruitment offensive, so ensure that an advertisement is included in every one that goes out.

Parents of new students in the program should receive a letter describing the program and some of your volunteer needs.  This serves as a friendly invitation for parents to get on board and support your efforts.

Part of your “welcome letter” should be a further invitation for parents of new students to attend a friendly meeting.  Here, you’ll have a chance to meet the parents and see who they are.  Developing relationships with them is the foundation of enhanced involvement.

Work the meeting.

Invite your most enthusiastic parents to support you by standing at the entrance to the meeting room, acting as greeters.  Just inside the door, set up a table with a cheerful parent or two.  They can invite parents to offer contact information to receive updates about the program and its needs.

Collect as much information as you can, making a point of interacting personally with everyone who attends, as they arrive and as they’re leaving.  A personal connection with the teacher is one of the most potent ways to get parents interested.

Finally, invite someone from school administration to discuss the program, its success and how important it is to the school curriculum.


A welcome meeting for parents of new students is the ideal opportunity to sell your program.  Describe the merits of a musical education, underlining the collegiality and dedication it takes for students to learn to not only play well, but to play as a group.

You may also want to point out that when parents get involved, the effect is multiplied.  Music students who are actively supported by parents are more likely to stick to a practice schedule, as they’ll have an accountability buddy built right in.

Finally, mention that the time parents spend with their kids as they support their musical education is precious.  It’s a family affair in which everyone is bonding through a shared effort toward success.

That’s powerful.

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