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Music Travel Tour Destinations In Spring 2017

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris’ and you’re planning a music travel tour with your students.  You’ve been matching your students’ interests and your educational objectives with what’s out there in the wide world of music and you want to know what’s hot for spring 2017.

At Peak Performance Tours, we’re happy to help, so we’ve put together our list of some of the best music travel tour destinations in spring 2017.  You’re bound to find a winner here, with a focus on American music and its fascinating history!

Memphis, TN – Elvis and Bluff City Blues.

There’s a lot more to Memphis and the music it’s famous for than Elvis, but we think he’s a great place to start.  No visit to Memphis would be complete without a stop at the famed Graceland, where the King put down roots.  His role in American music history is undeniable.  To this day, he’s an icon of Rock n’ Roll, still loved by millions of fans all over the world.

Memphis is also known as the birthplace of the Blues, with Beale Street serving as a memorial to the sounds first heard in the Bluff City.  W.C. Handy wrote and recorded the seminal Memphis Blues here.  From this center of American Blues music grew a world-renowned tradition.

Nashville, TN – Country music citadel.

When you think about American Country music, you think about Nashville.  This is Music City, USA and a mecca for lovers of the American tradition of innovative music that resonates throughout the world.  Here you’ll find Country music’s very citadel in the Grand Ole Opry, whose walls have witnessed the likes of superstars like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and George Jones.

No visit to Nashville would be complete without stopping at the Country Music Hall of Fame, where the voices and sounds of Country music’s greats greet visitors with one of American music’s proudest legacies.

New Orleans, LA – Where Jazz began.

Without a doubt, New Orleans is one of the world’s most favored music travel tour destinations for spring 2017.  People from all over the world visit the Crescent City to immerse themselves in the music and lore of this jewel on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

From Louis Armstrong to Wynton Marsalis and the Neville Brothers to the famed Mardi Gras Indians, the musical traditions of New Orleans are as varied as its people.  It’s a melting pot of American music that transcends cultural boundaries, giving birth to unique styles like American Funk (which was also born right here).

For spring 2017, or any other year, New Orleans is a destination for all lovers of music and students of the art are no exception.  Here they’ll find unique opportunities to learn from the best.  There are plentiful public service opportunities, with organizations like Glen David Andrews’ Trumpets Not Guns, getting kids off the streets and putting horns in their hands.

At Peak Performance Tours, we build great travel learning experiences.  Contact us to find out more about music travel tours destinations in spring 2017.