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Incorporating Educational Opportunities in Your Student Music Performance Tour

When you take your students on a music performance tour, you’re offering them an educational opportunity they’ll never forget.

They’ll gain practical experience performing in front of an engaged audience. Many groups are privileged to see the inside of some of the world’s most iconic venues. The euphoria of that first wave of applause will stay with them for life. 

The question many teachers have is how to fill the time when students aren’t practicing or performing.

With custom music performance tours, you have the power to plan a bespoke schedule of activities. You’ll work with a trip expert to craft a series of tailored educational experiences that will elevate your tour experience.  

Explore a few example activities below to begin brainstorming the perfect performance tours for your music students.

Local Cultural Experiences

Peak Performance Tours is unique among music performance tour companies. We provide both domestic and international tours, including multilingual guides with local expertise. Whether you’re visiting New York City or Rome, plan to include a few opportunities to visit local landmarks. 

We’ve brought students to the following cultural destinations during their trips:

  • World-class museums
  • Historical sites and landmarks
  • Sporting events 
  • Zoos and wildlife centers

These unique visits provide context and help steep them in the culture of some of the most incredible cities on Earth. 

Workshops and Masterclasses

There is nothing like performing your repertoire in front of an eager crowd. Still, performance is only one component of musical growth. Consider incorporating a workshop or masterclass with local professionals on your concert tour. 

Examples of workshops and masterclasses might include:

  • Working with guest conductors
  • Masterclasses with professional musicians
  • Sitting in on classes at local conservatories
  • Meet and greets with professional symphonies or choirs

We have performing arts connections across the globe and will help match your group with compelling musical opportunities.

Teamwork and Ensemble Building 

Not every music performance tour brings your group to a major city. Great music educators know the value of musical retreats. We can help you plan activities that will strengthen relationships between performers. You’ll return home as a closer, more cohesive ensemble of musicians. 

Some team and ensemble-building activities include:

  • Challenge and high ropes courses
  • Improvisation workshops
  • Escape rooms
  • Group games

We realize that it can be challenging to find time to teach teamwork and communication skills in the classroom. Your performance trip is an excellent opportunity to focus on these essential life and performance skills. 

Transform Your Trip With Educational Enrichment Activities

Attending local performances is another memorable aspect of most student travel experiences. Seeing a professional music ensemble in action can provide perspective and inspire students to work harder to achieve their goals. If you have other experiences in mind, we’ll find a way to add them to your ideal trip itinerary. 

Are you ready to begin planning enriching music performance tours for your band, orchestra, or choir? At Peak Performance Tours, every student performance trip starts with a conversation. 

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