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Student Tours and Trips to NYC, NY with the Best


New York City embodies the dreams of millions of people around the world.  The crowds who once arrived at Ellis Island all came with a dream of America.  They arrived in this great city to be greeted by the Statue of Liberty, with the torch of freedom held aloft in welcome.

four young people on the street of New York looking at somethingThis soaring imagery is the first experience of the many who came to be embraced by the dense streets of New York City.

At Peak Performance Tours, we specialize in designing student tours and trips to NYC, NY that make learning about this iconic city fun.  Young people need to reach out to the world for the educational riches it holds.  We make it easy for teachers to design student tours and trips to NYC, NY that help young people connect with all it offers.  We take care of the logistics, so teachers can teach.

Forging educational opportunities.

Your students’ learning experience in New York City is enhanced when directed by the student tours and trips experts at Peak.  We know the city well.  Our knowledge of local attractions and NYC, NY’s rich and abundant history brings fresh perspective to your students.

From the Empire State Building to Tammany Hall and its legacy of American political intrigue, the professionals at Peak forge unforgettable learning opportunities that make your students witnesses to living history.

Logistical expertise and security.

Student tours and trips to NYC, NY can present a logistical labyrinth for educators.  There are numerous details to attend to.  But at Peak, we work with educators, creating an itinerary that reflects their learning and student experience goals.  Then, they’re freed to do what they do best – educate.  The experts at Peak Performance take care of the logistics while teachers teach.

Everything from accommodation to excursions and tours, to security is carefully planned by our logistics pros.  Your student tour is also guided by a dedicated Tour Escort – your very own tour concierge.  These highly-professional logistical experts will make your tour seamless, safe and stress-free.

Your budget in mind.

The pros at Peak have been organizing and executing student tours and trips to NYC, NY for so long, we know your tour budget is important.  We balance education with fun and supplier timelines and requirements with your tour’s budget.

Contingencies happen.  That’s why Peak is flexible.  We work with you to create a realistic payment schedule that’s sensitive to your budgetary realities.  It’s just another service of Peak Performance, your experts for successful student tours and trips to NYC, NY.

Experience the greatest city on earth, with Peak.

Student tours and trips to NYC, NY are unique experiences that stay with students for a lifetime.  With Peak, your students can experience the greatest city on earth from a broad historical perspective which honors the richness of its vibrant history.

Contact us to talk about your educator vision for a student experience of New York City.  We’re the experts on student tours and trips to NYC, NY.