Music Teacher Magic Is Worthy of Celebration

Let Peak Be the Grand Marshall, While You Make the Magic.

marching band drawing

Music teachers aren’t magicians, but they can certainly make something like magic happen when they bring up a marching band.  They somehow manage to get large groups of young people to put down their mobile devices and pick up trumpets, sousaphones and big bass drums.

That’s worthy of celebration.  When those honking noises start sounding like music and when everyone gets on the same page and it really cooks, music teacher magic happens.

When your marching band is ready for a trip to celebrate their accomplishments, you’re ready to celebrate with them.  You want to share in the fun.  That means you need Peak Performance Tours to take care of the details.

Lead the big parade.

Imagine your marching band in the parade for the Presidential Inauguration, or the Tournament of Roses.   Leading the big parade is every marching band’s dream. Peak makes it possible.

We’ll be your Grand Marshall, leading you to participation in some of the most iconic events in the USA.  With Peak, marching bands can toot their own horns on streets paved with American folklore.

Let us take the baton.

Music teachers have enough to do.  Your plate is full, with instruments, rehearsals, uniforms and instruction.  That’s why Peak Performance takes care of the details.  While you’re enjoying your marching band trip experience as much as the kids in your marching band are, we’re in charge of the logistics.

We make sure your marching band is well taken care of and well in hand.  With Peak Performance’s Tour Escorts with you and your marching group, parents and teacher alike can relax.

Our Tour Escorts accompany all Peak’s marching band parades, organizing meals, checking your group in and out of hotels and managing security.

Peak Performance’s Tour Escorts are concierges who take care of every detail, including last minute itinerary changes.  All you do is enjoy your marching band trip with your budding John Philip Sousas.

The perfect itinerary.

At Peak, we have two decades of experience, crafting performance travel itineraries for marching group trips.  We take care of every imaginable detail from a master class in coronet to historical tours, reviewing the unique and vibrant story of the American marching band.

From the origin of the “Flying V” to the roots of the fight song, the roll step and the Purdue Block P, Peak Performance’s expert planners will craft an itinerary that honors the history of marching bands.

Imagine your group visiting New Orleans to discover the story of the social aid and pleasure clubs the Crescent City’s famous for, or that of native son, Louis Armstrong.  Rich, well-rounded marching band trips, remembered forever, are a big part of what the experts at Peak provide.

Strike up the band.

At Peak Performance, we love nothing more than helping your students shine, with professionally organized and executed marching band trips.

We’re always happy to provide a free, no-obligation proposal at your request. Contact us.  Let’s talk about making Peak Performance your marching band’s Grand Marshall for an unforgettable trip.