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How Music Trips Can Help Teach and Enrich Music Students

There is no doubting the power of music when it comes to expanding the young mind. According to the American Psychological Association, music students tend to score higher than non-musical students in math, science, and humanities.

But simply introducing music to students and keeping them engaged through unique musical experiences are not one and the same. When wondering how to teach through music, music teachers can consider music travel as an enriching educational experience for their students.

Here are the top benefits your students can expect when going on student music tours:

The Benefits of Music

Music education has been known to inspire everything from critical thinking to creative expression in developing minds. But even outside of the more traditional benefits of music, it can also offer peripheral enhancements to learning.

Association is a strong force when it comes to recollection. Lessons can be interwoven with aural experiences so that students are more likely to create associative relationships with the lesson material. After all, hearing Beethoven performed by a famous orchestra is more meaningful than simply being lectured about the composer’s history.

Engagement is Everything

An engaged mind is a more open mind. With a young person, this is shown most evidently through students’ willingness to participate in hands-on learning activities. When students are encouraged to participate in a lesson they are more likely to develop a formative relationship with the lesson.

This also encourages students who might experience difficulties learning exclusively in the classroom. If a student is reluctant to speak up or struggles with abstract concepts, group travel can open the world to them.

Connections Back to the Classroom

Imagine arranging a performance trip to take your students to see a famous composer’s instrument collection at a local museum. Or to visit the childhood home of a celebrated artist. With carefully planned student music tours, students will experience history coming alive on site thanks to their classroom lessons. You can then round out what they’ve learned back in the classroom.

This is a great way to deepen the content of your lesson while keeping things fresh for your students.

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