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Things to Know When Planning a Band Travel Trip

There is nothing more inspiring to a young musician than a band field trip. Performance opportunities outside a typical school auditorium are inherently inspiring and can be a great way for music educators to push their students even further.

But the key to an inspiring band field trip is that it be well planned.

Here are the top considerations for music program directors and educators when planning your band trip itinerary:

Make a Plan (and a Backup Plan)

It’s okay to have specific band trip ideas. Wanting to bring your class to a legendary venue or popular music festival should absolutely top your list, as these are the likeliest experiences to empower and inspire your students.

However, your band trip itinerary should also build in compromises and redundancies in case things don’t go as planned. After all, there is nothing worse than planning on a specific gig or excursion, only to have it canceled the day of.

Generate a long list of field trip ideas, from marching band trips to well-attended parades to trips to legendary performance hubs like Disney World. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

What to Bring

Music students and band directors should plan to pack everything they would need when performing on their normal stage. This includes:

  • Their instruments (with some exceptions, as noted below)
  • Performance attire or marching band uniforms
  • Tuners
  • Small amps
  • Sheet music
  • Extra strings, picks, etc.
  • Batteries

Most venues will provide larger instruments (such as pianos, organs, full drum kits, etc.), microphones, large amps, and other items that are too bulky to transport.

Students should also plan to bring performance attire, toiletries, plenty of extra clothes, and good walking shoes (in addition to their performance-appropriate footwear).

As food and accommodations are typically provided on band field trips, extra spending money is typically not required.

The Cost

Obviously, the most important consideration when arranging band trips is ensuring your plans don’t exceed your budget. It’s important to identify the total cost of your band trip before you book anything.

Broadly speaking, the size of your student band will determine how much your trip costs. For instance, a small ensemble may only require a few tickets and hotel rooms, while a large orchestra may require an entire tour bus and hotel floor.

Do your research, plan your band field trips to destinations at off-peak times of the year, and call upon a reliable partner to arrange your band trip itinerary within your budget.

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