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4 Field Trip Games That Will Make Bus and Plane Rides More Fun

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have a long range trip planned with students.  You’re a teacher, so you know that’s no laughing matter.

Kids get fidgety on long-haul excursions, so having a game plan for managing student restlessness is critical (for your sanity).  We’ve got exactly what you need to keep the boredom at bay.  Following, we offer 4 field trip games that will make bus and plane rides more fun, while making your job a little easier.

students in the bus waving

Punch buggy (re-named Bug Swat).

The Volkswagen Bug has made a comeback, so here’s one you can roll out on the bus, when the going gets restless.  This classic game usually invites players to punch each other in the arm when they spot a VW Bug.  We strongly counsel against fisticuffs in the service of entertainment, so we’ve re-named this old standby “Bug Swat.”  Preface the game with the wise counsel the swats needn’t be “nuclear.”

I spy.

I spy is another outstanding boredom killer that can keep your young charges engrossed for hours.  Students are encouraged to choose objects in player sightlines that might be offbeat, or difficult to identify.  Then they take turns, beginning each round of the game with the word “I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with (insert letter of the alphabet).”  You can keep your excursion participants even busier by spying articles they may not yet be familiar with the use of (strategic distraction version).

Post-it Quiz.

Bring along those post-its for this one.  This engrossing game can be played anywhere and is great for teens.  Each player has a post-it with the name of a famous personality, place, or event stuck on their foreheads.  Players can see the other post-its, but not their own.  Each player then is allowed a limited number of questions to discover what’s written on the post-it.  The winner is the player who guesses with the fewest questions asked.

When all else fails – sing!

Your class may be new to singing songs while traveling (although it’s a time-honored adult strategy to keep them entertained).  Songs like “99 bottles of beer/pop on the wall”, B-i-n-go” and other classics are silly fun to get everyone involved.  You can even warm them up before the trip to build excitement, practicing and encouraging your class to learn the words by heart.

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We hope you’ve gotten some insight from the 4 field trip games that will make bus and plane rides more fun.  But we’re sure you’ve got a few of your own ready to go.  Add our 4 to your repertoire, on us!

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