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Top 5 Band, Choir and Orchestra Field Trips

We know you’re budding performing artists are itching for their moment under the spotlight and this post is all about making that happen.

We’ve done the math and the results are in!  These are our top 5 band, choir and orchestra field trips, offering educators some genuinely exciting opportunities to take your students where they most want to be:  in the spotlight.

1. Disney Performing Arts Onstage

This one’s a twofer, as Disney’s program for young performing artists operates in both California and Florida.  Whisk your kids to one of Disney’s iconic theme parks, to treat them to an extraordinary performance opportunity in front of thousands of eager visitors.

On top of the thrill of performing live, your students will enjoy the rush of competing against others in their chosen performance discipline, working together to impress professional judges.

Something educators will be happy to hear is that participation in these events passes muster with the National Core of Arts Standards.  And once they’ve killed it in a live performance, their reward is Disney theme park fun.

2. The Big Apple

Performing live is quite a thrill, but when your performance takes place in the Big Apple, you get major bragging rights.

Bands, choirs and orchestras find ample opportunity in New York City, from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, to performing in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

But for those educators who really want to get their students pumped and on fire to display their chops, there’s nothing quite like a performance at NYC’s iconic Carnegie Hall.

While they’re not performing, what place could be more fascinating than the city that doesn’t sleep?

3. Washington, DC

When you think of Washington, DC, you might not think of the myriad opportunities it offers students of the performing arts to get up on stage.

But DC loves giving youth choirs, orchestras and bands the chance to shine.  Choose from exceptional venues like the National Mall, the MLK Jr. memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Harbor.

They can even perform at Six Flags!

And after the show, the nation’s capital beckons, with its wealth of historical sites, government institutions and museums.

4. Rock the Boat

Take your superstars and their impressive performance skills out on the water.  Rock the Boat offers students a unique opportunity to not only perform but do so in an adjudicated setting which offers professional critique and follow up clinics.

With a great selection of ports-of-call, students can also choose to perform in places like Galveston, Miami and New Orleans, the famed birthplace of jazz.

5. Festivals of Music

Festivals of Music hosts events all over the USA which give students the opportunity to hone their skills with adjudicated performances which are followed by detailed critique and a workshop with one of the judges.

Choirs and bands of all types can participate in locales as diverse as Atlanta, St. Louis and Toronto, Canada.  Get them to the next level with this incredible experience.

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