The Performance Travel Dream Weavers

marching band at the Tournament of Roses

There’s nothing more important for young performing artists than having the opportunity to perform.  It’s their moment to shine.  Up on stage, with all eyes on them, they’ll learn about themselves and what it means to be a performer.  The thrill of a live performance is an experience young people never forget.

At Peak Performance Tours, we believe in the performing arts and in helping young people become proficient performers. That why, for more than two decades, we’ve specialized in creating customized performance tours for students.  Peak Performance is the performance travel specialist that makes performance travel as much fun for you as it is for your students.

From concept to completion, Peak Performance’s exceptional customer service is with you every step of the way.  We design unforgettable performance travel experiences.  You can relax and enjoy yourself, while we take care of the details.

The dream weavers.

Imagine your school band marching in the Tournament of Roses parade, or at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC.   Peak makes it possible.  We can even book your youth orchestra, choir, or dance group at the famed Carnegie Hall.  At Peak, we’re the dream weavers.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the performing arts arena and venues all over the USA and the world, Peak is able to weave your dreams into a smooth-as-silk performance travel experience.

With you all the way.

Performing arts teachers have enough to do.  Your plate is full.  That’s why Peak Performance takes care of the details (including the complex logistics).  While you’re enjoying your performance travel experience as much as your young performers are, we’re in charge of everything.

We make sure your performing group is well in hand and fully cared for.  With Peak Performance’s Tour Escorts with you and your group, you don’t have a thing to worry about.

Our logistics experts are right there with you, on site, organizing meals, checking your group in and out of hotels and managing security.  Our Tour Escorts are group concierges who take care of every possible detail, including last minute itinerary changes.  All you do is enjoy your performance travel experience with your young charges.

The perfect itinerary.

Peak Performance has two decades of experience, crafting performance travel itineraries that meet the needs of diverse groups and their performance goals.  We take care of every imaginable detail from a master class in oboe to a Lyrical Dance clinic with a master instructor.

Between performances and learning enrichment, your students may want to find out more about the artistic traditions of the places they’re visiting.  Peak Performance organizes musical and artistic tours to give your students the gift of historical context.  A rich, well-rounded performance travel experience they’ll remember forever is what the experts at Peak provide.

Let us get your show on the road.

At Peak Performance, we love nothing more than helping your students shine, with professionally organized and executed performance travel.

We’re always happy to provide a free, no-obligation proposal at your request. Contact us.  Let’s talk about weaving your dreams into the performance travel experience of a lifetime.