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The Benefit of a Class Field Trip

According to Edutopia, students do, in fact, learn better on field trips!

But when thinking about how to plan your class field trip, it’s important to consider what you want your students to get out of the experience. Are you hoping they will simply see something new? Or is the goal of your planned student field trips to allow your class to improve their skills in a particular subject? These considerations can help your class field trip ideas go from good to great.

Here are the top benefits your students can expect when going on class field trips:

Hands-on Experiences

Class experiences out of the classroom are a great opportunity to give your students access to objects and spaces to which they normally do not have access. This could include everything from seeing a historic building in person to experiencing the acoustics of a legendary performance space through music field trips.

The key benefit here is your field trip should be all about making an abstract concept tangible for your students.

New Perspectives

Student field trips can often help students broaden their comfort zones. While a familiar classroom or lunchroom makes for a rather commonplace experience, class field trips to a local city or music field trips to a far-flung arts and entertainment destination can help students understand themselves in the context of a larger and more complex world.


There is no better way for a student to learn something new than to first experience it simultaneously with their peers. By socializing with their peers as they see original works at an art museum installation, experiencing the wonder of nature at botanical gardens, or walking the very floorboards and fields of historical sites, students can participate in the learning experience collaboratively.

A Final Hurrah

Senior trips are a means to solidify the bonds between older students in their final year of high school before going their separate ways. And with a customized experience, no two senior trips need to be the same ho-hum excursion to a local destination. By personalizing your senior class’ experience, they are sure to form memories as strong as the friendships they leave behind.

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