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New York & Washington DC School Trip: New Attractions in 2018!

If you’ve been thinking that New York & Washington, DC couldn’t get any more thrilling, 2018 is here to prove you wrong.

Brilliant new attractions in these two world class destinations make them even more exciting proposals than ever for a school trip.  Washington has really stepped up with a great new selection of experiences for your students.

If you’re planning to take your students to New York or Washington, DC this year, you’ll want to bookmark this post, as Peak gives you the inside story on what’s new in these amazing cities.

New York

New York is one of the world’s most inspiring cities.  Around every corner, there’s another surprise to delight educators and their students, in this pulsing metropolis.

This year, that surprise is intriguing, with the inception of Spyscape.  Spyscape offers a multi-sensory experience, introducing the fascinating world of international espionage and computer hacking to your students.

As we all know, these topics have been dominating the news cycle, with cyber attacks becoming a ubiquitous modern reality and spying an increasingly sophisticated profession, due to rapid technological change.

Students get a front row seat to all the international intrigue of this mysterious world at Spyscape.  While your students have no idea who Maxwell Smart is, they’re bound to see spying apparatus even more sneaky than his famous shoe phone in this attraction’s collection of seldom seen espionage devices.

They’ll learn of the teen hacker who bored into the CIA’S firewall and the spycatcher who caught a traitor red-handed at the FBI.  They’ll also learn classical tricks of the spying trade, like lie-detection, profiling and how to deploy their powers of observation.

Washington, DC

If you’re taking your students to DC this year, you’ll be amazed by the new experiences there in 2018.  Let’s review the best of them.

Arlington National Cemetery celebrates the 150th anniversary of Memorial Day this year and that’s cause for an over-the-top celebration.  A visit to this honorific resting place of heroes on May 28 will offer an even more spectacular commemoration than those usually organized each year.

Museum of the Bible entrance

Not everyone has an interest in the Bible and they’re missing out.  This collection of ancient literature is  foundational, compiling some of the Ancient Near East’s most fascinating and revealing literary works.

At Washington’s Museum of the Bible, celebrity Bibles are among the artifacts, but some of Protestant fire brand Martin Luther’s early tracts can also be viewed, as well as first editions of the version of the Bible commissioned by King James.

This 430,000 square foot facility contains interactive displays, video theatres and an illuminating journey through one of the world’s most widely-read texts.

Peak Performance Tours

At Peak Performance Tours, we’ve been supporting teachers with exceptional school trips for more than 20 years.  We organize educational excursions that make learning fun.

This year, New York and Washington, DC school trips promise to be even more exciting, with new attractions to fascinate and engage your students.

Let Peak take you there.  Contact us.