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Ideas For Student Marching Band Trips

The USA is home to a long and glorious marching band tradition.  When you’re guiding your marching band in the footsteps of John Philip Sousa, you’re taking your students on a journey into the heart of Americana.

There’s no end to the inspirational ideas for student marching band trips in our great nation.  Let’s explore some of the treasurers to be discovered out on the road!

I love a parade.

The only thing more fun than a parade is being part of it.  The pageantry of parades and the communal celebration they offer is a great place for your marching band to show off its chops before thousands of people.

From the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City, to the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA, the USA offers myriad opportunities for student marching bands to participate.  You’ll want your squad to be at its sharpest to line up and represent.

But beyond our fair shores, there are also peak experiences to be had in cities like Rome, Italy, at the Eternal City’s New Year’s Parade, or the annual parade in London, England, also celebrating the start of a brand, new year.

If marching in the nation’s capital at the Inauguration of a new President gets your kids primed to step, Washington, DC’s Inauguration Day Parade offers them a stage the whole world is watching.  A jaunt to Honolulu, HI for the Waikiki Parade promises exotic beaches and an international crowd of holidaymakers along the route.

The main event.

People say they go for the game, but you know everyone looks forward to the half time show, especially when a mass band (consisting of many different bands, combined into one) is on offer.  Not only do your young musicians get to strut their stuff before a huge audience, they get to meet and collaborate with other young people.

Imagine your student marching band at the Daytona 500 in Daytona, FL, or participating in the Orange Bowl Dance & Cheer Program in Miami.  The learning opportunities are of inestimable value, as students learn to work with other young musicians, enjoying experiences they’ll never forget.

Competitive?  Bring it on!

Peak Performance Tours has two decades of experience creating exceptional marching band trips for students like yours.  We’ve developed relationships with vendors and event organizers all over the USA and the world, to bring you a huge selection of ideas for student marching band trips.

If your students are ready for a challenge, we can give them just the chance they need to shine at competitions to sharpen and refine their talents.  At Peak, our speciality is curating itineraries which stretch your students and provide unique opportunities for them to bring it.

Exceptional marching band trips, with Peak.

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