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Choir Travel Tours that Offer Performance Opportunities for Choirs

As any choir leader knows, the best way to promote your choir is to get in front of an audience. You know the students in your choir have talent, but with an audience, they could take the entire show to the next level. 

That is why music performance tours are an excellent idea for any choir. Whether you are the leader of a middle school choir, a high school choir, a church choir, or another variation of age or outlet, you have come to the right place.

Choir travel doesn’t need to be difficult. Simply put, it all comes down to planning, and laying the groundwork for what you want from the tour experience. If you are thinking about a music tour for your choir, consider some of the following factors to make your planning as seamless as possible.

Performance Venues

There are all kinds of performance venues out there, and many might suit your needs. Instead of trying to cram a bunch of locations into your choir travel, do some research on which venues will have the biggest impact.

Choirs perform all over the world, but there is no question that some performance venues are more reputable than others. If you are looking to showcase your choir, reach out to venues that will be rewarding to perform. 

Sometimes this might mean reaching out to a place multiple times, but persistence is key. Remember, just like your choir tour wants to perform in great venues, great venues want to fill their halls with excellent traveling choirs. 

Educational Adventures

Music travel doesn’t have to be limited to performance only. It can be beneficial for a choir (a young choir especially) to hear others perform as well. For instance, perhaps between performances your group visits a choir festival and takes in some of the sounds.

In fact, your tour guide might recommend your choir perform at a particular choir festival so that it can see how it stands up against others. On some levels, this might be intimidating for younger choir members. But overall it is an excellent way to grow. 

Mixing your choir travel tour with a bit of performance and educational listening will nicely round out the trip. Additionally, it will give your students some context and insight into the larger world of music performance tours.

Custom Tours

In order to get the most out of your choir travel tour, customize it. It really doesn’t get simpler than that. By partnering with a custom tour company, you can ensure the best exposure and education for your students. 

Custom tour companies don’t simply chart the course, but they are also available to answer questions and provide feedback. After all, these are the professionals who deal with traveling choirs all the time, so take advantage of their insights and contacts.

Plan your next choir travel tour with confidence by reaching out to the professionals at Peak Performance Tours. Contact us today.

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