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Planning for Your School Orchestra Trips

A student orchestra trip is a rewarding experience for students and educators alike. But in order to make a school trip a success, you need to plan the trip adequately. As an educator or part of the decision-making process at your school, you understand that there is a great deal to consider when planning a trip.

However, these considerations shouldn’t be a cause for concern. We are here to make sure that your orchestra trip planning experience is simple. Therefore, we have put together a few general considerations on your behalf. 

Check out some of the factors below, and get your music trip planning process started on the right note.

Organization Leads to Balance

Being organized is about more than having all of the information. It’s about making this information work on your behalf. From student information to performance venue details to food and recreational activities, you don’t want any blind spots in your planning. 

Understanding all of the pieces will help you better balance them. For example, you don’t want to be rushing from place to place, even if these items are scheduled. Nor do you want too much downtime in a single location without activity. Finding the balance between travel, education, recreation, and everything else, will ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Students don’t want to feel overburdened with activities. They also want some downtime to prepare for performances. It can be tempting to pack as much into a field trip as possible, but striking a balance will lower stress and improve the overall experience.  

Identify Unique Opportunities

Understanding the purpose of your music trip will help you get the most out of it. Is it so the orchestra can gain experience in front of new audiences and perform at different venues? Or is it so that your orchestra can watch the performances of others and visit various concert halls?

Both types of trips have education and experience to be gained, but they are different sorts of trips. Additionally, they require different forms of logistics and details to consider. If the music trip is performance-based, then planning for instruments and tools is necessary. 

These details will be considered at every level of planning the trip, from booking hotels to the type of vehicle required. However, focusing on these details could provide unique opportunities for your students as well. For instance, if you are visiting concert halls to learn and study, as opposed to performing, then consider additional avenues of learning.

Local museums might play a role in this instance. Or perhaps a concert hall is located in an area with rich history, in which case some local flavor is in order. Or, if your students are performing on this trip, then think of other ways the trip can support this performance education.

Plan Your Trip

There are all kinds of ways to execute a successful orchestra trip. But the most important thing to remember is to plan a trip that makes sense for you and your students. It is not just about taking care of all the details. It is about finding the real purpose of the trip and using your planning to support this purpose.

Contact Peak Performance Tours and plan a successful trip for your student orchestra.

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