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Top Things to Do In Chicago on Your Tour

One of the largest cities in the USA, Chicago is a popular destination for good reason.  It offers visitors a world of sites and attractions, unrivalled by even New York City.

With its distinct personality and aesthetic, Chicago is not called “that toddling town” for nothing.  There are plenty of incredible points of interest for you and your students to toddle around in this vibrant city.

Art Institute of Chicago.

A Chicago institution, this facility houses an enviable permanent collection which features more than 300,000 works of art.

This vast complex is home to some of the most widely-recognized examples of American artistic virtuosity, including the iconic American Gothic, by Grant Wood and the enigmatic Nighthawks, by William Hopper.

Students with their sights set on a career in design or architecture will thrill to the collection in the Modern Wing.  Designed by architect Renzo Piano, this area of the AIC houses masterpieces of architectural and artistic ingenuity created in the 20th and 21st centuries.

National Museum of Mexican Art.

National Museum of Mexican Art Chicago

In honor of our cousins to the south, this facility houses the largest collection of Mexican art outside the United States of Mexico.

With 6,000 works in its permanent collection, this museum is the brainchild of the USA’s largest Latin American cultural organization.  Here students will discover a wealth of artistic and cultural fascination, illuminating the vast history and diverse cultural offerings of Mexico.

Included are educational programming and performing arts presentations on the theme of Mexico’s artistic riches.

Millennium Park.

This 24.5-acre urban park serves as the doorway to the city.  A hub of cultural and musical activity, the park’s most famed feature is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the Frank Gehry-designed structure which hosts live music and festivals.  Its arresting curves represent the current vanguard of post-modern architecture.

The pedestrian bridges which link this park to key areas of Chicago are a ticket to explore its wonders.

Grant Park.

Grant Park Chicago

While we’ve already mentioned the AIC, it can be found in this enormous park, which also houses the Field Museum (for lovers of archaeology and other natural subject matter).

But this park is also famous for being the site of former President Barack Obama’s victory speech, upon winning the 2008 presidential election.

Chicago Architecture River Cruise.

Chicago is renowned for its exceptional collection of innovatively-designed buildings, including the Wrigley Building, the Fulton House and the Leo Burnet Building.  As you glide past, you’ll be treated to detailed historical descriptions of what you’re seeing.

Your docent from the Chicago Museum of Architecture will make sure you don’t miss a trick.

These are our top things to do in Chicago on your tour, but Chicago is a city of endless discovery and adventure for students of everything from finance, to fashion, to art and history.

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