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Peak Performance Tours – Expertly Executed Student Tours and Trips to Washington, DC

From the Lincoln Memorial to the White House.  From the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to the Smithsonian.  Washington, DC is the USA’s political and historical heart.  From inside the Beltway, the Supreme Court presides and the President spends endless days modeling strong leadership for the world’s most potent nation.

United States Capitol Building

The Speaker bangs a heavy gavel in Congress and Senators convene in this legendary city.  Washington, DC is the site of American political and historical heritage.  Here resides the legacy of American power, among its living purveyors.

Peak Performance Tours are logistics experts for student tours and trips to Washington, DC.  We’ve been sharing its riches, its monuments and its political culture with students from across the country for 20 years.

Students hungry to fully experience our nation’s capital will be guided on an intimate experience of Washington, DC, with our historical guides, political experts and Tour Escorts.

Expanding student horizons.

Peak relishes the opportunity to work with educators in building quality learning experiences for students.  We’re professionals who make student tours and trips to Washington, DC a process which engages your vision to create fulfilling, detailed itineraries.

Educator vision becomes a blueprint for unique student tours and trips to Washington, DC with Peak Performance.  We’ve spent more than two decades developing our intimate knowledge of Washington, DC’s political and historical sites, museums and monuments. With your help, we tell Washington, DC’s glorious story, sharing this shining city on a hill with your students.

Peak makes student tours and trips to Washington, DC educationally enriching and exciting experiences they’ll never forget.  Among your students may be a budding POTUS, SCOTUS Justice, or Senator.

Security. logistics.

Student tours and trips to Washington, DC can present educators with a logistics labyrinth.  In Washington, DC, there’s tight security around many buildings of interest.  This reality makes taking the knowledge of a Peak Tour Escort with you essential.  Student security is also in Peak’s hands, so parents and educators are assured of their safety.

Accommodation, meals, excursions, tours, and security are all carefully planned by the logistics professionals at Peak Performance Tours.  Your Tour Escort is your group’s dedicated concierge.  Like the world-renowned concierges of the great hotels, these highly professional logistics experts will make your tour seamless.   While you direct your students and enjoy the Washington, DC experience with them, Peak takes care of the myriad details.

From concept to completion, the pros at Peak manage it all.  Our intimate knowledge of the nation’s capital makes our student tours and trips to Washington, DC inspiring educational experiences your students will never forget.   With our command of local area attractions and suppliers, educators are freed to educate.

Washington, DC’s rich legacy, with Peak Performance.

Contact us to talk about sharing Washington, DC’s historical significance and rich legacy with your students.  Let Peak guide them on one of our renowned student tours and trips to Washington, DC.

Let us inspire the leaders of the future with Washington, DC’s living political legacy.