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Planning Field Trips for your Music Ensemble

When it comes to planning a field trip for your middle school or high school music ensembles, there is much to consider. Not only do you need to keep the safety (and education) of the children in mind, but also need to curate a plan of action. 

Whether you are planning a performance trip, an educational trip, or simply want to provide an excellent experience for your students, you have come to the right place. A successful field trip means more than having an excellent destination. It means making sure the details and planning fall into place in a way that benefits everyone.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning your next custom student music field trip.

What Is The Purpose Of The Trip?

While this might seem like an obvious consideration, the answer is going to inform just about every planning decision moving forward. If you are trying to introduce your musical ensemble to the world, then you are likely considering several performances over several locations. 

This is different than if your trip plan only involves a single destination. Additionally, is music performance the only aspect of the trip, or is music education being included as well? There are often times when we work with schools that make a band trip to a museum or see another performance along the way.

Knowing the purpose is crucial when planning a field trip. But keeping this purpose in sight to inform decisions is just as important.

Keep Everyone On The Same Page

A pre-activity event for the students (and parents) will help start the field trip off on the right foot. What exactly this event entails is entirely up to you (and your purpose), but it should generally be informational. 

For instance, rules and regulations will be laid out at this event. But there are other considerations to establish as well, such as dietary restrictions, emergency contacts, and so forth. This should be a time that level sets expectations for every aspect of the trip. A schedule for the field trip should also be ready for this event, so everyone can leave with a solid understanding of what is to come. 

Get Input

While it is largely up to the moderators and planners of the event to customize the experience, getting input from the students is a good idea. For instance, if you are visiting a bustling city with many things (performances, museums, etc.) that could be applicable to the children, get their opinion on what matters most.

Naturally, a stellar performance (or performances) is top of mind, but there are many other attractions that your students might benefit from. Before putting the entire schedule together, get some input from the students. 

This is an excellent way to ensure they have a great time, but also helps the moderators stay in tune with the lives of their students. That is a win-win.

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