You are currently viewing New York City – Broadway and so much more!

New York City – Broadway and so much more!

There’s no place on earth quite like it.  It’s the city of one thousand faces from a million places, with people from all over the world arriving daily to enjoy its endless charms.

There’s something in this iconic metropolis for everyone, from culinary mastery to high fashion and high finance.  Here, you’ll discover a diverse microcosm of America, made evident in the city’s classic neighborhoods.

New York City is everybody’s dream of what a city should be.  There’s never a dull moment in the city that doesn’t sleep.  You’ll need to stick to your itinerary if you want to see everything you’re planning to.

What’s so great about New York City?  Broadway and so much more await you!  Let’s take a walk through some of this internationally admired city’s most popular attractions.

The lullaby of Broadway

Students of theater, music, dance, writing and stagecraft will thrill to being on the Great White Way, arguably the most storied theater district on the planet.

This is the street that’s launched a million dreams and birthed a thousand divas.  From Arthur Miller to Chita Rivera to George Gershwin, Broadway is where the echoes of greatness never die.

Broadway is also one of the oldest streets in the city, dating from its New Amsterdam days, but not taking its famous name until the 19th Century.   It’s a translation of the Dutch “brede weg” (broad way).

But between 42nd and 53rd Streets is where the fabled magic of the Great White Way happens.  The nickname “Great White Way” refers to the introduction of electric lighting along one section of Broadway.  It was this nocturnal illumination, lending this section of the street a special magic, which earned it this moniker.

Times Square

And while you’re ferrying your students through the Theater District, you’ll be perfectly positioned to visit another New York City favorite – Times Square.  This is where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve and where the world seems to converge under the neon lights of this extraordinary place.

An estimated 50 million people pass through the “Center of the Universe” yearly, making Times Square one of the world’s most visited and popular tourist attractions.

Thrill to the lights of the most famous square in the world, as you experience the full glory of New York City.

Statue of Liberty

An emblem of the USA as a place which welcomes the downtrodden immigrant, the Statue of Liberty has been capturing the imaginations of millions of people all over the world, since it was gifted to the USA by France.  Built by Eiffel himself (of Parisian tower fame), this symbol of freedom is recognizable to just about every person living.

At over 150 feet tall, standing in the shadow of this enormous monument is like standing in the shadow of the world’s dreams.  And she didn’t come to this place easily.  Fundraising proved a challenge until publisher Joseph Pulitzer mounted a drive to raise the needed money.

Over 150,000 people donated (most of them giving under $1 each).

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