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The Benefit of Student Music Tours

Young people can only learn so much from a lecture or a textbook. In order to truly understand themselves as performers, students must get hands-on. And what better place than in the environment or the stage where important performances actually happen?

When planned well, educational music tours and band trips can be an eye-opening experience for young, artistic minds. And for group leaders, they can be less of a typical field trip and more of a musical vacation.

A well-rounded music education is one that is practical, not abstract. With that said, here are five music tours music directors and band directors should consider for their next student trip.

5 Music Performance Tours Available for Directors and Students

Orchestra Trips

This is the golden standard of education tours, providing hands-on experiences outside of familiar spaces. Students will enjoy unique stages and audiences, get access to local arts and culture, and broaden their abilities through immersion.

Disney Performing Arts

A tour experience at a Disney theme park is sure to inspire students with a sense of wonder and musical inspiration. They will get access to intimate educational performance venues at either Orlando, Florida, or Anaheim, California.

Empire State Building

What better place to inspire and enrich your students than in New York City, America’s arts capital? This performance tour option, which actually takes place at the Empire State Building, is designed specifically for choirs. It is perfect for tour groups of 60 or fewer and is open for students in middle school or older. Performance opportunities are available daily.

International Excursions

With trips to Europe and Asia, students can combine performance opportunities with educational travel experiences appropriate for slightly more adventurous types. International performance tours offer access to masterclasses, workshops, world-renowned venues, and are designed for students 12 and older.

At Peak Performance Tours, we make group travel engaging and rewarding for students of all ages. Our student travel tours include hotels, meals, transportation, entertainment workshops, and much more. For more information about our services, or to arrange a music trip for your students, contact Peak Performance Tours today.

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