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How to Answer Tough Tour Questions From Parents

If you are planning a student tour and you have an upcoming parent meeting, you are likely to be faced with many tough questions. Parents will want to know about everything from educational content to security.

To ensure that your meeting goes smoothly, you need to prepare accurate and reassuring answers to the parents’ queries. Some of the questions may touch issues such as:

  • Refund policies
  • Medical accommodations
  • Emergency situations
  • Alternative participation
  • Security
  • Educational content

Here are some of the potential questions and how to answer them with confidence:

1. Who Will Be In Charge of the Tour?

When parents are sending their children on student tours, they often have bad visions and nightmares that the children will engage in dangerous behaviors without any supervision. You need to tell the parents that you’ll send a tour escort to help take care of the children. The escorts will oversee everything to ensure that there is seamless taking of the meals, accommodation, itinerary changes, and even transfers. You also need to inform them that these escorts are there to ensure that students get the most from their tours.

2. Will My Child Learn Anything?

It’s important to clearly communicate to the parent that all tours are planned to meet the learning objectives. From history to dance and music, these tours will allow the students to connect with instructors from a wide range of fields. More so, the school will organize workshops for budding dancers and singers, an overview of the main civil wars, and other educational content. The students will not only learn something, but they will remember it for many years to come. You need to make the parents see that you’re taking the students on an experience that they will greatly enjoy.

3. Will the Children Be Safe?

In most instances, there is security personnel who will take care of the children’s safety from 11pm up to 5am in the morning. Once a curfew has been made, students are expected to remain in their rooms. Ground transporters must also have liability insurance and all drivers tested for substance abuse. More so, they must have a medical certificate in case there is an emergency.

Students who are traveling for an overnight stay will have to be issued with temporary ID cards containing their contact information so they can be contacted in case of an emergency.

4. How Will the Students Spend Their Time?

Most parents are concerned about how will the children spend their time while on tour. Be honest with them and tell them that no student will do the same thing. They will probably engage in different things based on their preferences. Remember, students are on a tour and they are supposed to have fun while learning. As long as they are safe, they can’t be restricted much.

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