Dance Tours in New York City

Whether you are a member of a dance group or a solo dancer, dance away and loose yourself in the city known for its American architecture and business philosophy combined with the European spirit and culture.
In New York everything is about diversity and uniqueness – busy city life as opposed to Central Park’s peace and calmness, expensive restaurants as opposed to hot-dog stands, going to the Hampton’s or ending up somewhere in Bronx, walking around as a natural born broker with a designer suit and tie or as a descendant of Bob Marley with dreads and shaggy clothes.
If you would like to be seen performing in New York, the main things to do if you don’t want to get disappointed when you begin a career of a dancer is to dream big but start with baby steps, and to try to organize your dance tours in one of many smaller theaters. In New York any kind of art-related work will find its way to the audience, so you will get the attention and may even deserve the applause if you do well.


Broadway theaters are numerous. Imagine 40 places of history, wooden floors and dusty curtains with their characteristic smell that lingers in your mind for all times, always bringing a feeling of light melancholy mixed with nostalgia. An interesting fact is that you have a better chance of succeeding in Broadway if you are a woman, so if you are in the mood for some laughter and vivid colors presented in scenery, costumes and make-up, go and see Mamma Mia. take a tour of Radio City Music Hall to see where the Rockette’s call home, and maybe experience a dance day with their choreographer

Becoming a performer in the New York City’s Ballet is something reserved for the very few, but whether you are a classic or modern dancer, the art of movement nourished there asks for the perfection and there is no room for a wrong move. One of the things that will make you forget the present and loose yourself in a dream is the classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, choreographed by George Balanchine and composed by Felix Mendelssohn, premiered in 1962. Visit the Lincoln Center, home of the New York City’s Ballet and take a workshop.

New York offers a great number of workshops year-round at some of the famous studios in the city. Broadway Dance Center is utilized for a wide range of workshops from beginner’s to master’s level. Alvin Ailey Dance Studio is willing to share and expand its knowledge by working with kids as well as with adults. Broadway Classroom presides in providing educational experience for student groups visiting New York City and wanting to learn more about the art of movement.
If you are more of an adventurer and a free spirit and you would like to lighten the day of ordinary people using subway, you may want to ask around about the possibilities for street performing at one of the stations and even make it one of your regular dance tours once you have become famous. The beauty about expressing yourself in this manner is that you get an immediate and direct reaction from people’s faces and comments.
Is the choice going to be stage lights or subway lightning? The performance will have to be unique to get noticed; the only difference is whether you like to improvise or follow strict rules.

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