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Affordable New York City Educational Tour Ideas for Students

New York City isn’t exactly what you’d call a budget destination.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing place to take your students on an educational tour.

This city is a world unto itself, with so many opportunities to learn, you probably couldn’t manage them all in a lifetime.  And what you need to exploit those opportunities is not more money – it’s an insider, like Peak Performance Tours.

We haven’t just been organizing quality educational experiences for students for more than 20 years (although that’s what we do).  We’re NYC experts with the straight up skinny on the good stuff and our good stuff is affordable!

Here we share some affordable New York City educational tour ideas for students.  Taking a bite of the Big Apple doesn’t need to break the bank.

Statue of Liberty and Staten Island Ferry

You’ll be killing two birds with one stone when you get your students aboard the iconic Staten Island Ferry to view the internationally admired Statue of Liberty from the East River.

Tours of this landmark are about $30 a pop, but you can take the ferry free of charge.  This commuter transit link sails 24 hours a day, every 30 minutes, going from Manhattan to Staten Island.

Marvel at the statue looming over the river, as you get a fabulous bonus – the NYC skyline.


What’s that you say?  Museums are expensive?  Not if you have an insider who knows which days offer free entry.  Check out this list:

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) – free each Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm

The Guggenheim – free each Saturday from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm

The 9/11 Museum – free each Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm

And here’s more – the American Museum of Natural History offers a “by donation” entrance fee and the MOMA admits all residents of New York City and tri-state students free of charge every day of the week.

Experience sustainable architecture, NYC-style

Highline Park is a successful experiment in creating green-belt urban areas for the enjoyment of residents.  Created from a section of elevated rail line, a walk across the Park is an experience of art installations, greenery and views of the city over the Chelsea district.

At 1.5 miles long, Highline Park will interest students attracted to the arts, engineering and greening urban environments.

The African Burial Ground

Found in Lower Manhattan, this unique memorial is where thousands of enslaved and free people of African descent were buried during the 1600 and 1700s.  Come to pay your respects at this window into American history.

Peak Performance Tours

At Peak Performance, we love New York City and we’d love to show your students around.

Let us share with you the secrets of NYC, its bustling sidewalks and busy streets.  We’re NYC experts, so we know where to find the good stuff and it’s on every corner.

New York City doesn’t need to empty your wallet.  Let Peak show you this world-class city’s budget-friendly side.  Contact us.