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Top USA Performance Destinations

Every budding musician relishes the opportunity to get up on stage and lay down his or her chops.  There’s nothing quite like a live audience and the thrill of the hush that falls over a performance venue, when the house lights are dimmed.

The USA is full of amazing concert halls and theaters of all sizes, from the grand to the humble. We offer these picks for top USA performance destinations and hope they provide inspiration for students and teachers, alike.

Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA.

The ancient Greeks really had it nailed when it came to creating stellar performance venues.  Long before the age of amplification, they had devised the amphitheater and the amazing acoustics these structures are known for.

The Greek Theater is a case in point.  Offering an experience of sitting outdoors, while enjoying music, dance and theater, this location also offers magnificent views of the Columbia River and even camping for concert goers.

Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY.

As one of the USA’s premier performance destinations, Madison Square Garden needs little introduction. Redolent of a magnificent past peopled by the great artists of the world, this gem of USA performance destinations sits at the very apex of all others.

This is the second busiest concert venue in the entire world.  Its current incarnation was built in 1968 and is the fourth building to bear the name.

The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA.

Constructed in 1911, this venue was once a church, hosting a congregation of 4,000 souls.  In 1996, it became a concert hall, as part of the preparations for the 1996 Olympic Games.  With extraordinary acoustics and the historic setting, the “Tabby” (as it’s known locally) has taken its place as a venue of note, since then.

Named as one of the best concert halls in the nation by Rolling Stone magazine, the Tabernacle offers a unique experience for music lovers.

The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA.

As the song says, “LA is a great, big freeway”, but part of the Bowl’s charm is that it’s so accessible by foot from nearby Hollywood tourism destinations.

In addition, the design of this renowned performance destination makes it well worth taking in a concert there.  Its acoustics are internationally admired and its beauty is legendary.  Beginning in September 2018, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is celebrating is centennial and this is the place to see the storied orchestra play.

Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY.

It’s no great surprise that two of the top USA performance destinations are found in the Big Apple.  With its thriving arts scene, it’s only fitting that the city should host two such cherished venues.

With 3 beautifully-appointed theaters encompassed by the main building, the Carnegie hosts over 200 musical events each year, spanning genres from classical to pop.  Since it was built, Carnegie Hall has showcased some of the most admired performers of the 20th Century, including Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

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