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Top Things to Do In Branson, on Your Tour

Branson, Missouri in the famed Ozarks, is sited in a region rife with fascination and outdoor learning opportunities, as well as the location of numerous museums and attractions.  Encompassing parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma and a large portion of Missouri, Ozark Mountain Country also takes in part of Kansas.

This unusual destination is becoming increasingly popular.  Here are some of the top things to do in Branson, on your tour.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

This 10,000-acre park is within easy striking distance of Branson, for educators keen to show their students the wonders of the natural world.

Learn about the secret lives of trout, water buffalo and longhorn cattle, amidst the beauty of the Ozark Mountains’ many streams and waterfalls and the ecosystems they support.

Silver Dollar City.

A popular recreation of a frontier town, this attraction offers an amusement park vibe, with historical attractions aplenty.  Students with an interest in early American frontier life will find much to fascinate them here.

Of special interest is a historical re-enactment of the infamous feud between the Hatfields and McCoys.  This is Americana at its finest, where folklore melds with history, creating a unique encounter with an aspect of the USA’s past which is both informative and fun.


Less than an hour away via ground transportation, Springfield is an excursion you and your students won’t want to miss.  Here, you’ll find the site of the Civil War’s second battle, at Wilson’s Creek.  With a collection of sites arranged around the former battlefield, students and educators can take advantage of a mobile application which guides them through each.

Fantastic Caverns can also be found in Springfield.  Following a short tram ride, enjoy the caverns and their soaring chambers, the site of activities as diverse as church services and bootlegging derived from local area “stills” (used to manufacture illegal alcohol).

Eureka Springs, AR.

Take another brief excursion from Branson to arrive in Eureka Springs, which is well worth the hour-long ride.  Known for its artisans and artists, this mountain town is in the National Register of Historic Places, due to its quaintness and charm.

Here you’ll discover a haunted hotel built in 1886 and an art museum rivalling the quality of collections usually reserved for large urban centers.

The Thorncrown Chapel is just outside Eureka Springs.  This chapel in the woods was named one of the most beautiful buildings in the USA to be built in the 20th Century.  Las Vegas performs more weddings annually than are celebrated in this stunning example of American architecture, but this chapel takes the second-place slot, nationwide.

These top things to do in Branson on your tour invite your students on a unique adventure into a singular vision of the American story.  Sited in the famed Ozarks, nature, history, art and folklore create a kaleidoscope of educational opportunities.

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