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Top 5 Destinations for Your High School Choir Trip in 2018

High school trips are enjoyable when you choose the best destinations. Choir trips don’t necessarily mean you visit music halls, recording studios, and the like. There are other places to tour to spice up the day.

Now, as you plan for your choir trips, keep in mind Peak Performance Tours. We are here to help you have a wonderful time. Our company offers ideas on selecting suitable places to stay, restaurants, and locations to see.

Below are the top five destinations for your high school choir trip.

1. New York

Everyone loves New York because of its spectacular look. It has many attractions to enjoy. As a choir, you can start your day with breakfast at a restaurant, as all of them are great. Afterward, head to Musicals and plays or Radio City Music Hall and have a good time.

When you are done with music, it’s time for sightseeing. Consider visiting museums, Aquarium, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Opera. As you go to all these marvelous places, remember to dine at fantastic restaurants and be treated to delicious lunches and dinners. If you have some cash, go shopping in malls or shops. You can be sure New York has all the fun activities and attractive places to see.

2. Orlando, FL

Florida is an amazing place for choir trips. With Orlando, it is home to Disney World that offers many places to enjoy. On your list of locations to go, include Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. There is a railway museum if your choir wants to learn a few history lessons. Remember Florida Mall for real shopping or enjoyable window-shopping if you like. When hunger bites, there is a variety of restaurants offering tasty dishes. Takeouts are acceptable.

3. Boston, MA

One of the things your choir should love in Boston is the Boston symphony orchestra. Besides, you will find aquariums and museums. To relax and unwind after a day of walking around, a cruise would be helpful. Calm your spirit and enjoy the beauty waters provide.

4. Nashville, TN

Dolly Patron is a legend of country music. Visit the RCA Studios in Nashville where she recorded some of her excellent songs. The studio is also known to produce tracks for other popular singers. There is the Country Music Hall of Fame that you should definitely see for a thrilling experience. Buy yourself something nice at the local shops before heading back to school.

5. Washington, DC

DC is the capital of the US government. Despite that, it has fantastic destinations for choir trips. It hosts major museums including Fire Arm, Crime, and International Spy Museum. The Lincoln Memorial is worth your attention as you walk around the big city. It is home to the Pentagon City Mall for memorable purchases.

The National Aquarium is a nice place to be for a calming afternoon. Get a taste of the metro system for a story worth telling back home. Washington has the US marine and army bands, which are magnificent.

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