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Performance Opportunities at Universal Orlando Resorts and Partners

A trip to Florida is an exciting adventure for students, but when they’re music students, there are performance opportunities around every corner in the Sunshine State.

Some of those opportunities are to be had at Universal Orlando.  And there’s more to Universal than performance (as though that weren’t enough).  There are numerous education programs for young people, so they can get the most from their experience.

If you’re a music teacher, you need to know about the unique performance opportunities at Universal Orlando Resorts and Partners.

Music Festivals

If you’re looking for a great chance to assess the skills of your students, Universal Orlando’s Music in the Park is exactly what you’re looking for.  Your students will have the benefit of a panel of judges to critique what you’ve been teaching them all year.

Perform at a local church or school, then spend the day at their theme parks!

OrlandoFest provides a similar experience, but with a host of other young artists performing and learning together. It takes place at an arts center close to the park.  Add a Custom Workshop to your OrlandoFest learning adventure to add value.

Music Festivals USA was named Universal Orlando’s Youth Partner for 2017.  They provide your students with a unique, adjudicated festival experience, including on-stage clinics.  Each participant group receives a live recording of their performance.

World Strides Heritage Festival is an even more intensive experience, with students learning with gifted conductor-educators who provide on-stage guidance with programmed mini-clinics.

The AIM Experience kicks it up a notch, with students attending a private workshop with a conductor-clinician to enhance their learning and the Universal Orlando experience.

STARS Performance Program

Universal Orlando offers visiting choirs, marching bands, student orchestras and dance groups multiple opportunities to thrill to a live performance before thousands.

Choose from stage performances at the Lagoon Stage or marching band opportunities at Universal Studios, Florida.   Then schedule a premium workshop for your budding superstars, who’ll benefit from professionals in their chosen performance discipline.

Universal Orlando is to be commended for mounting such an impressive roster of programming geared to raising up the next generation of quality entertainers.  Your students benefit from education-based performances, workshops, clinics and adjudicated festival performances for a well-rounded trip.

And when they’re not showing off their skills under the lights, or learning something new with industry professionals, they’ll be enjoying the endless excitement of Universal Orlando’s incredible theme parks.  Fun and learning go hand in hand at this exceptional facility.

Go with Peak

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Because we’ve been organizing educational excursions for so long, we’re at the top of our game.  We offer your group exceptional logistics, planning and execution, coupled with superior destination knowledge.

On top of all that, we add key partnerships and relationships with regional providers of accommodation and tours, workshops and clinics.  We bring your tour unflagging professionalism.

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