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Traveling Nashville, TN on your Student Performance Tour

Nashville, TN is the font from which all great Country Music flows.  It’s where once obscure artists gain traction by performing and recording the music that’s an American original, having its roots tangled in the stories of immigrants from all over the world.

Traveling Nashville, TN on your student performance tour is a thrilling experience of American folklore, its music and personalities.  One day simply won’t cut it in this storehouse of music history.  Let’s take a stroll through Nashville, walking to the slapping rhythm of a standup bass and the plaintive twang of steel guitars.

Civil War history

Nashville is the largest city in the state of Tennessee, housing numerous treasures of country music history, its undying legends and its rising stars.  Also the state capital, Nashville is home to a deep vein of historical interest that goes well beyond its status as the world capital of Country Music.

Its pivotal role in the Civil War was that of being a bellwether indicator of Union domination, as it was the first city to fall to Union troops, in 1862.  Thereafter, Nashville was occupied by the North.

Following the war, it became the site of numerous neo-classical buildings of great historical interest, including the scale replica of the Greek Parthenon which stands in downtown’s Centennial Park.

Music City USA

No visit to Nashville would be complete without honoring the rich Country Music history of the city.  This is the home of the Grand Ole Opry, the iconic musical venue which has propelled artists like George Jones, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash to international superstardom.  Nashville is also where the famed television series, Hee Haw was once filmed, making Minnie Pearl a household a name.

The County Music Hall of Fame is where you’ll find all the greats, honored by being included in this pantheon of stars.  But to visit RCA Studios is to truly walk in the footsteps of musical giants.  Your students can see where Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley recorded music that’s still enjoyed by millions of the people around the world.

And as if all this weren’t enough, there’s an entire museum dedicated to the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash.

A thriving city

But Nashville’s economy isn’t entirely driven by the Country Music it’s famous for.  This is a university town, with a unique culture and bustling social life that’s welcoming and embracing.

Nashville is also full of fascinating quirks, with the Parthenon being at the head of the list of off-the-beaten track sites.  Originally intended to be a temporary fixture, city planners paled at the cost of demolition, reinforcing it instead.  It stands as a symbol of Nashville’s claim to being the Athens of the South.

And located near the Tennessee Capitol Building (a “must see”) is the grave of President James K. Polk.  This under-rated President accomplished more in one term than most do in two.  He’s even said to haunt the grounds of the Capitol!

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