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Great Sites to Consider in Washington, DC

Of all the world’s cities, none is more redolent of history and political intrigue than Washington, DC.  A source of fascination and awe for people all over the world, what goes on inside the Beltway is known to only a privileged few (White House leaks notwithstanding).

Taking your students to Washington, DC involves careful planning.  You want them to experience this cauldron of power and history in the most immediate way possible.  To that end, we’re offering this brief list of great sites to consider in Washington, DC.

The White House

An enduring symbol of the international power of the USA, the White House is the epicenter of that power and the historical home of every US President since John Adams.

Touring the White House is an experience like no other, walking in the footsteps of FDR and Barack Obama.  Appointments can be booked through your Congressional House member.

The Capitol

If the White House alone isn’t enough to satisfy your students’ craving to experience the American legacy of world leadership, a trip to the Capitol may be exactly what they want.

Here’s where our laws are made by people elected to do so, from all over the USA.  Visit the Rotunda, Old Supreme Court Chamber and Statutory Hall.  Bookings can be made via the Capitol Visitors online portal, or with your member of Congress.

The Pentagon

The military might represented by this five-sided power center is becoming more popular with visitors to Washington, DC by the minute.

The most secretive building in the world, students will marvel at the vastness of the place, as they contemplate the hushed voices of the past and the conflicts they oversaw.  A special reservation is required to take the tour.

Washington Monument

Named after the USA’s first President, the Washington Monument soars above the Reflecting Pond at its feet, offering spectacular vistas of the city.

The tallest obelisk in the world measures 555 feet tall, providing your students with a thrilling experience and lessons in the life of the nation’s first political leader.

National Archives

This is the home of the Declaration of Independence, the founding document of the USA.  Marvel at the signatures of John Hancock and his contemporaries; signatures that forged a national identity.

Throughout the Archives, your students will experience historical displays not found anywhere else and which people travel from around the world to view.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Opened to the public in August 2011, the memorial to the man who interrogated the soul of America is the culmination of two decades of planning and fundraising.

This is the ideal locus for a discussion concerning the USA, where it’s been and where it’s going.  Reflecting on the life and work of this giant of the Civil Rights Movement, your students will find much to ponder and learn from.

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