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Everything you need to know about a Hawaii Performance Tour

Picture it!  Honolulu.  Warm tropical breezes and white sand greet you, as you and your students sport fragrant leis at the luau.  What setting could be more inspiring for a performance tour?

Honolulu is home to the capital of this island state so it bustles alright, but in that laidback, Hawaiian “aloha” kind of way.

If you’re thinking of taking your students there, this post offers everything you need to know about a Hawaii performance tour.  Read on to unlock the mysteries of this exotic part of the USA.

Way more than Hula and Don Ho

The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise in more ways than one.  For performing arts students, they offer numerous opportunities for your students to show off the chops they’ve learned in public performances.

You’ll find all manner of performance settings and chances for your students to shine under the glare of the spotlight here.

And with Peak Performance Tours, your students get an experience like no other.  We bring you tailored tour planning that includes programming master classes, workshops and clinics for performing arts students.  Whether your charges are setting their sites on a career in dance, musicianship, singing or the dramatic arts, their experience is enhanced when you get Peak’s more than 20 years of expertise.

The Island of parades and festivals

Music festivals abound here and for marching bands, Hawaii offers them a special taste of paradise, with a plethora of parades to march and play in.

The Honolulu Festival Parade invites the world to this, the premier event of the year.  For 3 days every March, the island is alive with the sounds, sights and culture of the Pacific Rim, bringing people from all over the USA and the world.

The grand finale is the Grand Parade on the closing day, featuring marching bands and dance troupes as part of the spectacular fun.

Similarly, the Pan-Pacific Festival is an extravaganza of Pacific culture, crafts and music, featuring stage performances and another amazing parade at its conclusion.  Groups come from all over the world to participate in this gargantuan parade, giving your students a stellar opportunity to perform before thousands.

These are just a couple of the parades and festivals held on the island every year, entertaining people who’ve come from the four corners of the earth to celebrate the uniqueness of Hawaii, its people and culture.

And it’s all set in a jewel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with the splendor of active volcanoes and lush jungle forming the backdrop for your adventure.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Experience Hawaii with Peak

This may not be absolutely everything you need to know about a Hawaii Performance Tour, but Peak can fill in the blanks, with insider knowledge of the destination that gets you superior accommodations, superb performance opportunities and tailored educational programming that edifies your charges while they have the experience of a lifetime.

Ready to take your worthy performing arts students to Hawaii?  Contact Peak Performance Tours for an unforgettable island experience.