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Easy, Affordable Student Tours – Fun Travel for 12-16 Year-Olds

Youth in the age group 12 – 16 are young enough to be full of adventurous ambition and old enough to be full of wonder and curiosity.

Affordability is a major roadblock for planning student tours.  At Peak, we understand that challenge.  That’s why we create possibilities for educators who know the importance of travel as part of a well-rounded education.

We create easy, affordable student tours – fun travel for 12 – 16-year-olds to enjoy, as they learn in an exciting way.  We make it easy for teachers, by taking the logistics and details off their plates.  With more than 20 years in the field of taking students places, our educational tours are supported by keen destination understanding.

Wherever we take you, you’ll know you’re going to have around-the-clock support from our dedicated tour guides.  You’re also going to be secure in the knowledge that there’s always someone to turn to, when you need help.

No matter where you roam.

Because Peak has been organizing quality educational experiences for students from all over the USA for 2 decades, we’re your source for expertly planned and executed tours.

We think of everything, from quality accommodations, security and meals, to attraction and site tickets.  Because we’ve developed strong relationships with vendors all over the USA and beyond, we can put you at the head of line.

We curate your tour to fit educator vision, by organizing extras like master classes, workshops.  We even get you in to top Broadway shows, when visiting New York City.

Your professional planner won’t miss a beat if you have something special in mind for your students.  We’ve been doing this for a while, so we know where to find the good stuff.  You won’t be hunting down what you want to show your students.  We do that for you.

It’s easy, with Peak.

We know that times are tight.  That’s why Peak Performance Tours provides educators with great ideas to raise necessary funds for their school tours.  These come to us from other educators who’ve been there and know what works.

There’s no need to scratch your head, wondering what you can do to get the money together.  Peak is here with the information you need to make your trip more affordable, by making fundraising easier.

When you call on Peak, you call on a tour operator committed to creating easy, affordable student tours that make education fun for 12 – 16-year-olds.  We know they can be a hard-to-please bunch.

We sit down with you to explore your vision of the tour you’re planning.  If you’re seeking to incorporate a cultural component as an extension of historical learning, we’ll organize something truly unforgettable.  Peak makes your chosen destination come to life before your students’ eyes.  We add texture, dimension and depth to learning that makes it fun for students of all ages.

And that makes educators look great!

Go with Peak.

When you go with Peak, you go with the acknowledged leaders in student tours.  Contact us for further information.