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Cities That Make American History Come Alive

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to get your students excited about their history lessons? Take them to some of America’s historically richest cities! Every student will get a chance to see where some of the events they read about in books actually took place. Such a feeling is priceless, and will most likely spur the students to embrace as much history as they can in and outside the classroom.

The following are some of the American cities that make history simply come alive.


Boston is one of the few places in America that offers students with the rare opportunity to travel back in time and witness the birth of Nation. Established by the Puritans in the 1600s, Boston eventually became the epicenter of the American Revolution. There are various tours that are designed to clearly showcase the city’s evolution since then.

While in Boston, students can also go aboard the Mayflower II to get a better understand of the harrowing journey the Pilgrims went through in order to reach the New World. There is also the Plimoth Plantation that serves as a living history Museum that adequately recreates the colonial settlement that was present back then in Boston.

Boston also has a variety of historical sites that showcase the lives of Native American tribes who once occupied the land.


Even though Boston may have served as the birthplace of the American Revolution, it was in Philadelphia that the Founding Fathers declared the national independence. As a result, this Quaker city is known for being the cradle of America’s democracy where colonial leaders seeking to form a new government met.

One of the city’s main historical sites is the Independence Hall, where intense debates between the Founding Fathers took place and where the Declaration of Independence was finally signed. It was in this hall that the Articles of the Confederation were also replaced with the United States Constitution.

Any student visiting Philadelphia will also enjoy a walk up the street to the renowned Liberty Bell, which serves as a worldwide symbol of freedom and democracy.

New York City

New York’s landscape is today filled with a host of skyscrapers and some of the most advanced architectural structures. However, this wasn’t always the case. Students would be marveled to know that this iconic metropolis was once a much smaller city with a majority of its population residing in lower Manhattan.

Some of its significant historical sites include the St. Paul’s Chapel that serves as the city’s oldest surviving church, and the Fraunces Tavern in which peace pacts between the British and the colonists were signed.

Washington, DC

Aside from being the Capital of the United States and home to the White House, students can also visit the National Archives to see some of the crucial documents that led to the formation of the country. There is also the Smithsonian Institute that explores almost every aspect of American and world history.

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