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Boston for your Next Music Department Trip

Mahwah NJ is not that far from Boston, MA – but boy can those highways get bogged down with traffic sometimes. This was one of those times, but luckily this is also one of those groups that absolutely believes in “going with the flow”. I am sure that by the time they arrived at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner they were sick and tired of being on the buses. But I was greeted with big smiles and can-do attitudes as we solved how to feed them and get them over to Blue Man Group in what can only be described as an impossibly short amount of time! Blue Man Group is such an energetic show that you can’t help but get hooked and let all your earlier concerns drift away. So although not the ideal start to a Music Department Trip, a lot of hyped-up and happy kids came out of that theater and boarded the buses for their hotel! Music Tour, performance Clinic, Performance Opportunity

Day 2 began with clinics for the band, orchestra, and choir. They were held at the JFK memorial middle school in Waltham, MA. A beautiful space, where they were able to make beautiful music and perform their programs, each followed by extensive clinics with adjudicators from Boston Conservatory and Northeastern University. Each group was playing/singing better after their clinics and each clinician was very impressed with not only the preparation but the attention and effort of the musicians. From there it was off to a day of fun at Six Flags over New England. We had a perfect day and the crowds were light, so everyone was able to ride whatever they wanted – often more than once. With big smiles, some superhero capes, and lots of fun memories we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Day 3 packed up and headed to the Prudential Center to get on the Boston Duck Boats -always a great time and lots of fun, especially on what was a picture-perfect spring day! We arrived a few minutes early so took a great group shot before splitting up into 4 groups to board the boats. Great energy and enthusiasm and the boat drivers were so glad it was a music department boarding as they tell me – “these are always the best kids to interact with during the tour”. A bunch of smiling faces pulled away from the curb and 90 minutes later those same faces returned with even bigger smiles! From there we headed over to Faneuil Hall for lunch and some free time. There are always so many things going on there, it was a great way to end our trip. What a fabulous Music Department Trip to Boston.