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Boston Educational Tours, Events and Performing Venues

Boston, Massachusetts is the largest city in the state, the state capital and a thriving center of the arts, culture and historical interest that never ends.

This is the site of some of the great moments in American history, from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Every step you take in this, one of the oldest cities in the USA is one of fascination.  Your students will be propelled back in time, as they experience this exceptional city and all it has to offer.

Boston educational tours, events and performing venues offer your students a multi-faceted adventure that will not only put them on stage at key celebrations but allow them to share the American story from a unique perspective.

Boston Harborfest

Known all over the USA as one of the largest displays of patriotism in the nation, Harborfest is a cornucopia of exciting happenings, including opportunities for your students to perform.

The full spectrum of Boston’s history as a maritime center and hotbed of colonialist action, this Independence Day-centered festival goes on for several days, hosting thousands upon thousands of locals and visitors.

With over 200 daily events, you’ll find plenty to do.  Ask Peak Performance Tours to set up an itinerary to engage and entertain your students.

Two famous churches – two great performance venues

The Trinity and Old North churches are not only steeped in American history, they offer ideal opportunities for your students to display their performing prowess.

Trinity Church offers students the chance to be part of their worship services.  Before going on stage, students will be treated to a tour of the building and marvel at this 1877 architectural masterpiece’s many artistic treasures.

The Old North Church is a Boston Freedom Trail site and the city’s oldest church.  Choirs are welcomed here, performing in the context of services. Imagine your students’ voices ringing out in the place that served as ground zero for the American Revolution.

Lilac Sunday

One of Boston’s most unique traditions is Lilac Sunday.  Held yearly, this festival celebrates the beauty of lilacs at the Arnold Arboretum and is scheduled for May 18, in 2018.  Students will see 169 varieties of lilacs at this beloved, uniquely Bostonian celebration, held at the very apex of the flowering season.

Faneuil Hall and Marketplace

The beating heart of Boston, Faneuil Hall and Marketplace attracts more than 18 million visitors a year.  Vibrant and bustling, this historical site is a nexus for the city, filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment and of course, echoes of a thrilling past.

Students performing here will enjoy a large and appreciative audience at any time of year.

Boston, with Peak

For more than 20 years, Peak Performance Tours has been creating exceptional student tours.  Weaving fun into educational and performance opportunities, we create itineraries which speak directly to educator goals.

With Peak, your students will experience Boston in a highly-personalized way.  Our knowledge of the destination opens the door to a superior adventure in this historically rich destination that your students will never forget. Contact us.