Student Performers study hard to master their instruments and voices.  Once they’ve arrived at that mastery, they’re looking for opportunities to perform and test their skills before a wider audience.

All over the USA, there are myriad opportunities for young people to perform.   They’re ready and they want the world to know. Let’s talk about some of the best music venues for student performers to perform in the USA.

Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall

Acknowledged as one of the nation’s most prestigious sites for musical performers, New York City’s Carnegie Hall offers ample opportunity for student performers to meet the public. Having hosted some of the world’s great artists, this is a site musicians, singers and dancers all dream of performing at.  From choirs, to school bands and orchestras, Carnegie Hall represents a peak experience for student performers.

Empire State Building.

Throughout Spring 2017, this iconic building is hosting student performances before the public.  Visitors from all over the world come here to see New York City from a perspective that’s been featured in film, television and folklore.  You don’t need to be King Kong to take on the Empire State Building and show the world what you’ve got.

Disney Performing Arts Onstage.

What student performer doesn’t relish the thought of entertaining the crowds that flock to Disney’s theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando?

Disney Performing Arts on the street in Orlando

The opportunities with this unique program are ample, offering students a chance to shine in the Magic Kingdom, in front of a world grown small (after all).  Disney adds educational value to performance opportunity by providing music workshops, too!

These are just some of the best music venues for student performers to perform in the USA.  There’s a world of opportunity out there, ready to be discovered with the professional student performance tour planners at Peak.

With Peak Performance Tours, your students can experience the thrill of competition in adjudicated festivals all over the United States.  They can be hosted to perform in some of America’s top Jazz Clubs.  With Peak, there’s no end to the possibilities for student performers to get under the lights to showcase their skills.

Peak Performance Tours opens the door.

Enjoying longstanding relationships with some of the best music venues for student performers to perform in the USA, Peak opens the door to opportunity.  Your student performance tour begins with our expert planners, logistics pros and Tour Escorts.

While you and your students enjoy a customized tour experience, our professionals take care of everything else.  From security to accommodation, to flights, buses, meals and excursions, Peak Performance Tours is here to make your experience the most memorable possible.

Give your students the gift of an unforgettable experience in the best music venues for student performers to perform in the USA.  Contact us to request more information about how we can get your music students under the lights and in the public eye.

With the professionals at Peak, your students can draw on two decades of student tour planning and execution experience and discover life under the lights.