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Planning a Successful (and Educational) Field Trip With Peak

Planning a successful (and educational) field trip with Peak is like having a trip concierge produce an organized, systematic plan for getting all your ducks in a row.  Peak ensures that your field trip is a seamlessly realized pleasure.

Our goal?   To provide your students with an unforgettable educational experience.

Here’s what you can do to support Peak’s efforts toward planning a successful (and educational) field trip.

Clarity of purpose.

You’re a teacher, so you know field trips are about more than an excuse to get out of the classroom for the day.  They’re about educational enhancement.  What do you wish to achieve as a teacher?  What do you want your students to learn?  What are the “take homes”?

You need to be crystal clear in your response to all these questions, when seeking approval for your trip.  Make sure that your presentation for approval includes clear, concise information about your goals for students and how you believe the field trip will achieve them.

Go prepared with learning outcome projections, aligning these with the Standard Course of Study to ensure approval.  This is your first step and without it, you won’t get far.

Student prep.

Your field trip is part of a curriculum which demands that your students derive certain educational outcomes.  Introducing the trip as part of a classroom lesson highlights its curricular purpose.

Build excitement by providing photographs, videos and other learning aids.  Introduce your students to the site you’re planning to visit by developing their knowledge of it.  Invite students from other classes who’ve already visited your destination to speak to your class about what they learned.

Clearly explain your expectations for student behavior.  Create a handout which expressly defines those expectations.   That way, there won’t be any excuses about forgetting, feigning ignorance, or any possibility for misunderstandings.

Develop a precise itinerary, then ask all your students to sign it.  This serves as a contract between you and your students.  You agree to provide the learning and your students agree to come ready to learn.

Create a list of what students should pack.  Discuss appropriate footwear and other important items students are going to need for the destination, to ensure they come prepared.

Prep for chaperones and parents.

You have approval for your field trip and you’re doing everything you can to get your students prepared.   Now, it’s time to attend to the nuts and bolts, like parental permission.

The parental permission form is a perfect opportunity to get potential chaperones interested in coming along, so don’t forget to mention this on the form.  Invite them on board and perhaps follow up by phone with likely parents.

Once commitments are in place, prepare your chaperones for the trip.  A meeting in the runup to the field trip will help you get to know your chaperones and provide an opportunity to brief them on what to expect.

Peak Performance Tours.

Peak Performance Tours has been making field trips a cinch for teachers for more than 20 years.  Contact us for more information.

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