young girls performing at the parade

Performance Tours – A Moment in the Spotlight for your Students

Performing arts education professionals work hard to teach their students the skills they need to build their confidence as budding artists.  The performing arts is a demanding sector that requires dedication, talent and commitment, but a moment in the spotlight is the goal of every performing arts student.

Only a handful will ascend to become professional performing artists.  But performing is a great teacher.  Standing on the stage with nothing but your training and talent between you and a critical audience builds confidence and character.  These are two foundation stones for a successful life in adulthood.  As a performing arts teacher, you know that.


At Peak Performance, we believe in the performing arts and in providing young artists with exceptional performance tours.  For over twenty years, we’ve been the leaders in creating custom performance tours for students.  From the Pacific Rim to Europe’s storied concert halls, Peak Performance crafts unique performance tours for students.

Dreams come true, with Peak.

young girls performing at the parade

Carnegie Hall represents a distant dream for many performing artists, but at Peak Performance, we create opportunities for young people to perform there.  Marching bands can experience the thrill of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Even Disneyland and Disneyworld are on the itinerary, with Peak.

Peak Performance enjoys strong working relationships with suppliers all over the world.  Because of our knowledge of the performing arts sector and its most revered stages and performers, Peak creates performance tours your students will never forget.

Leave the logistics to us.

You’re a busy educator, preparing your young artists for their performances, organizing rehearsals, arranging music and choreographing complex dance routines.  Your plate is full with the work of teaching.  That’s why Peak Performance manages performance tour logistics, so you can enjoy the experience with your students.

While you handle the teaching details, Peak Performance organizes and executes accommodation, meals and top flight security.  Our Tour Escorts are your on-site concierges, wrangling details and last minute itinerary changes.  The professionals at Peak Performance free you to do what you do best – teach.

Curated. Personalized.

Your students will find the experience of a performance tour so inspiring, they’ll want to delve into the history and traditions of the places they’re visiting.  Peak can include musically-themed tours, clinics and master classes as part of your performance tour.

Your desires come to life with our trained coordinators and logistical professionals.  We tailor our performance tours to educator vision and student dreams.  While you and your charges immerse yourselves in your personalized performance tour, Peak is busily ensuring that all goes smoothly.

Your students in the spotlight.

The thrill of performing on stage is like nothing else on earth.  When the spotlight hits you, you’re alive in a whole new way.  This is something every performing arts student should experience.

At Peak Performance, we make performance tours easy.  We free educators to be at their best, while we create logistically seamless experiences teachers and students can enjoy together.

Your students have worked hard for a moment in the spotlight.  Contact us to let Peak take them there.

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